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There's a First Time for Everything


Let this day mark the first time I have ever changed the status of an anime episode that had already passed on my Detective Conan Important Episode List based on something that happened in a new manga chapter. In the past I have based the status of brand new, just premiered episodes on the list on knowledge that something will turn out to have been important later taken from manga chapters that I had already read, but this is the first time the spread between manga and anime has been great enough to cause me to have to change an episode that had already aired in the past.

When I first had the idea to add the *Main Plot* tags to certain episodes in the list (which was after the episode in question was already on the list), I originally went back and forth on whether I should apply it to the episode when Haneda Shuukichi is first introduced, not based on any real evidence, but just because I had a feeling that this might become extremely important to the main plot later on. I decided against it in the end. However, based on what I just read in a current manga chapter, my feeling finally has some fairly large evidence to back it up, so I went back and tagged it as such. These feelings nearly always turn out to have merit to them, so it was really just the thought that adding the tag later if I needed to would be better than having to remove it later that held me back. Anyway, point is, turns out that that is main-plot relevant. Cool.

I can't really think of another reason that might prompt to do this sort of thing in the future (the same thing happening again isn't quite the same as the thing happening the first time ever), so this just might be the only time I ever consider a change to that list interesting enough to actually make a full post about it. So, until I something unexpected does hit me, peace out.

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