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More Anime Original in November for the Detective Conan anime

Detective Conan Episode 537 Lupin the Dog with Conan
We have four more AOs to look forward to after a two-week break.

The five weekends of November have all been scheduled now. Which is to say there will be four brand new Detective Conan episodes. Alas, they are all Anime Originals.

On November 2nd, the anime broadcast will be preempted by the Rugby World Cup finals. Yes, the finals. That means there will be no more breaks for that reason. Of course, combined with the previous week, this also means the anime is taking a two-week break from new episodes.

On November 9th and 16th, episodes 958 and 959 are scheduled as a two-parter. This case will be an AO titled “The Poodle and the Shotgun.” I’m already seeing some others, who are likely all just copying the first person to do it, translating that as “puddle.” However, I would like to point out that not only is プードル the standard Japanese representation of “poodle,” it makes absolutely no sense to write “puddle” in katakana.

Anyway, episode 960 is scheduled for November 23rd. It is another AO titled “The Widow and the Detective Boys.” From that title, I surmise that the Detective Boys will meet a widow. See, I can make deductions, too.

And last and probably least, episode 961 will air on November 30th. It is yet another AO titled “The Glamping Mystery Case.” For those unaware, because I certainly was, “glamping” is short for “glamorous camping.” It refers to camping with extremely fancy amenities that you usually wouldn’t have when camping. Basically, it’s a complete waste of time that wealthy people who like to pretend they’re camping do.

There you have it, folks. Now we only have December to fill in before Kamen Rider takes on Godzilla. Look forward to it.

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