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Snow White with the Red Hair S02E01 Condensed

Zen becomes a paper person.

It pretty much went like this:

Shirayuki: "Cleaning is a learning experience!"

Ryu: "Whatever gets you to do it while I go hang out with my bro Obi."

Obi: "I'm great with kids!"

Zen: "Ow."

Everyone: "Those who are bitten by a paper become paper themselves!"

Shirayuki: "That aside, I'm missing one color to complete my multicolored seed collection!"

Obi: "Don't tell her, but I have the last color and she can't have it."

Random Season 1 Extra: "I come bearing the plot-inducing conflict! Some totally random guy on a boat somewhere was looking for someone with red hair. Now where's my reward!?"

Izana: "I have a plot-inducing conflict for you. I order you to leave the country!"

Paper-Zen: "Oh hell no. We already had one of those. Here, take my main bodyguard with you for some reason."

Obi: "Wait, you mean you're not going to let me keep stalking her?"

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