Friday, January 22, 2016

Comic Book Superhero Movies US Release Dates: Public Google Calendar

I put together a public Google Calendar for the US release dates of upcoming comic book superhero movies, because there are people I know who wanted something like this. The advantage of a public Google Calendar, aside from its flexibility, is that I can update it and people will see the changes in real time. Now, this includes only those movies that have been officially confirmed. Note that there are many other movies that have been announced yet not given a date, and many dates that have been announced yet not paired with a specific movie. Of course, let me know if I've missed anything.

If you want to add this calendar to Google Calendar, there is a convenient button already built in. However, you can also add it to any calendar that supports the iCal format using this.

The calendar will also be kept at this link, so when this blog post inevitably gets buried by newer posts, there will be a static page that's easier to find.

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