Comic Book Superhero Movie Release Dates

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A calendar of all US premiere dates for live-action superhero movies and TV shows based on comic books which can be synced to your calendar app.

Whether Marvel, DC, Valiant, or other, anything scheduled is here. However, this includes only those movie and TV series premieres that have officially confirmed dates. There are many more than this that have been announced but have not been scheduled yet.

The movies' affiliations have been included in the entry descriptions, down to the comic publisher and studio if applicable. The big Avengers-related films are tagged with Marvel Studios, and the big Justice League-related films are listed as DC. Those are very simple. The Marvel comics-based movies being made outside of the MCU, such as Fox's X-Men or Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC, and yes, that's what they're calling it), are listed as Marvel (Fox) or Marvel (Sony). Others follow a similar pattern to that. As long as they also can be described as superhero movies, live-action anime/manga adaptations, since those perfectly fit the definition of comic books as well, are also included and tagged with Japanese Manga (studio name).

If you want to add this calendar to Google Calendar, there is a convenient button already built in. However, you can also add it to any calendar application that supports the iCal format using this link:

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