Saturday, April 23, 2016

Detective Conan Important Episode List: Status of the Next Few Episodes

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So yeah, episode 814 just aired earlier, and it will be released in English in a few days. However, you may notice I've gone longer than normal without updating the list. The reason for this is, well, I've been a bit indecisive over what to do with 814-815.

You see, I am sorta considering including 814-815 and sorta not. The only reason I would really include it is the very end of the very last bit of the manga those episodes are based on, which would in theory be the last few seconds of episode 815. The entire rest of the arc is, well, pretty pointless. The thing is, I haven't decided whether those few seconds are potentially that significant. I will probably have to actually see the episode and see how the anime staff handled it before I make a final decision, but if anyone has any good points to throw in in the meantime, feel free.

The random case where there is a rumor on social media that Yoko and Higo are secretly dating is also coming up, and, as much as I'd like to, because I loved that case for my own reasons, that case was still completely pointless, so yeah, definitely not making the list, regardless of how awesome it is. This also goes out to any who haven't gotten the message yet that being a good case is not a criterion for making it on the important episode list; there have been plenty of great cases throughout the series that aren't on it. Obviously.


Peace out.