Friday, May 4, 2018

Funimation Lets Their Detective Conan License Expire

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Funimation has long licensed the first 123 episodes (they called it 130, because Funimation does math differently) of Detective Conan in English. They haven't really done anything with it in years, except for having the episodes streaming on their FunimationNow service, and recently on Crunchyroll for a very short time as well. The episodes were recently pulled from streaming for vague "licensing issues," but now it seems it's official. Funimation no longer has the license for those episodes.

Crunchyroll's simulcast agreement for the series is separate from this, so this does not affect that. Whether this development will affect Crunchyroll possibly adding the back catalog of the series before the simulcast began, however, is anyone's guess.

Source: Funimation