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Detective Conan August 2018 Anime Episodes Scheduled

Conan struggling to get through a gap
3 weeks without any new episodes with an Anime Original to cap off the break.

The Detective Conan anime has scheduled the entirety of August now.

To recap, we already knew from the July schedule that episode 910, the 2nd part of "Mystery of the Burning Tent" based on chapters 987-989 from the manga, would be airing on the 4th of August. Following that, a remaster of the "Holmes Freak Murder Case" episode 57-58 will be airing on the 11th and the 18th. On the 25th, the anime is taking another week off entirely.

We do, however, already have the first episode for September scheduled. An AO titled "Request From Megure" will be airing on September 1st.

In other words, what we've now learned is that, following the next case, there will be 3 weeks straight with no new episodes. What's more, there will be an AO to greet us once it's over. Yes, this is due to all the manga hiatuses that have been happening lately. Expect a lot more of this kind of thing in the near future.

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