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Detective Conan Confirms ‘Crimson School Trip’ Anime Schedule

Excerpt from a page from Shonen Sunday
The landmark case will kick off 2019 with two extended specials.

The latest issue of Shonen Sunday has confirmed that the anime adaptation of the “Crimson School Trip” case will air as two 1-hour specials on the 5th and 12th of January, 2019. This case marked the 1000th chapter in the original manga in August of last year.

A leak from the issue a few days ago suggested those dates for the case, but now the schedule has been officially confirmed, as well as the episodes being 1-hour specials. These will be the first extended-length episodes since the 2-part anime-original filler episodes that kicked off 2016.

The episode numbers have not yet been confirmed, and they likely will not be until December. Still, it should be a relief to many that we now have a timetable for when what might be the most highly anticipated case of the last few years will come to the anime.

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