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Detective Conan Adds the Remainder of November to Broadcast Schedule

Sera is confused about what Conan is confused about.
As well as the first of December, because December has five weeks this year.

Three more episodes have been added to the schedule for Detective Conan. To recap, the two-part “Schoolgirl Trio Secret Cafe,” was previously scheduled for November 3rd and 10th. This fills in the rest of November as well as starts off December.

Episode 921 will air on November 17th. It will be an anime original titled “Murderous Carpool.”

Episode 922 follows on November 24th. It will be another anime original called “The Disappearance of the Detective Boys.” I may or may not have taken a slight liberty with how I localized that one due to my love of a particular anime movie.

Bleeding over into December, episode 923 is slated for the 1st. They are calling that one “A Day Without Conan.” It’s also an anime original. I’m already terrified.

That leaves four weeks in December unaccounted for before January’s “Crimson School Trip” specials. This confirms then that the final manga case that leads into that one will air in December.

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