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Case Laying Out the Initial Setup of Detective Conan’s ‘Crimson School Trip’ Scheduled

These girls apparently don’t know how the internet works.
The initial setup for the Kyoto school trip arc will air in the first half of November.

The Detective Conan anime has announced its broadcast schedule for the first half of November, as well as confirmed the remainder of October.

The mysterious episode that was previously scheduled for the 20th of October has been revealed not to be a new episode at all. A remaster of episode 75 will be broadcast on that date. Meanwhile, the 27th is still episode 918, “The Great Police Car Chase.” That much hasn’t changed.

Now for the fun part.

Episodes 919 and 920 have been scheduled to air on the 3rd and 10th of November in Japan. This will be a two-episode arc based on the “Cafe Rice Flower Murder Case” from manga chapters 994-996 (the top image depicts a moment from chapter 994). The planned episode title is “Schoolgirl Trio Secret Cafe,” parts one and two.

This case acted as a direct precursor for the “Crimson School Trip” case. Seeing as that is not scheduled for broadcast for another two months afterward, the anime runs the risk of killing its momentum. The timing of the remaining “Haibara’s Lost Phone Strap Case” could be crucial to salvaging that.

Anyway, the Detective Conan Important Episode List has also been updated to add episodes 919 and 920.

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