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Detective Conan Important Episode List

An episode guide to shorter expenditures into the Detective Conan story while watching the parts important to you.

An episode guide to shorter expenditures into the Detective Conan story while watching the parts important to you.

I have compiled a list of canon episodes that are actually significant as well as listed the reasons someone may believe them to be essential (so you can make your own judgments as you go as to whether you really think you should have to watch them or not). This is for the sake of those who might want to get into or try to convince a friend to get into Detective Conan for the story but find the insanely high episode count and 2-decade long history daunting. As hinted there, this is not a list of “must watch” episodes, but rather a list of episodes you may not want to miss depending on what aspects of the series you are trying to follow. The episodes labeled *Main Plot* are closer to that, but still not quite the same thing, because at least the occasional dose of character development here and there is “must watch” in its own way. There are tons of great “normal” cases that are self-contained throughout the series that naturally are left out, which are really the original point of the series, but if you just want to get around all of that and watch the series for just the overall story and characters, this might prove useful for that. Of course, there are still a ton of episodes, but cutting a good two-thirds of the series out should ease the pain of entry a bit.

Note this uses the original Japanese episode numbers. The Funimation English dub version (aka “Case Closed” although the more recent official subs have adopted that name as well) stopped before it ever got to anything really huge in the story anyway, so watching that would kinda defeat the purpose. Update: I went ahead and added the alternative episode numbers as well where applicable in brackets (as [INTL #]). It turns out nowadays many international licensors have adopted the same method of numbering the series that Funimation used to. That might be useful to visitors from affected regions. Plus if someone really just wants to watch the English dub that bad, this will help them, too. I still would recommend against using this list with the English dubbed version, especially considering that version was canceled ages ago. Further update: And now more recently Funimation has let the license for those early dub episodes lapse, so you can’t really watch them anywhere anyway.

The corresponding manga chapters are listed in parentheses next to the episode numbers if you are interested. The first set is the overall chapter numbers and the second is the chapters as contained within each volume, separated by a bar (|). If a manga chapter reference is followed by an asterisk (*), then there has been some story-critical change between the manga and the anime adaptation.

The movies are entirely optional, seeing as they are generally not canon and have nothing to do with any sort of plot from the series proper (update: this is becoming less true recently), but still recommended based solely on outstanding quality (most of the time). Note their placement in the list is based on minimizing spoilers for the main series. Thus they are based primarily on their release dates relative to where the original manga was at the time. This consideration is because the movies tend to have spoiler references to things from the anime that came before the release of each particular film, and sometimes after, since the movies are often clearly being targetted at fans of the original manga more than anime-only fans. So watching a movie too early can be dangerous if you don’t like spoilers.

Since the series started, and especially in the last few years, Aoyama has gotten infinitely better at weaving the story into the individual, unrelated manga cases. These days just about every canon case contains at least a bit of plot advancement, so plot advancement has become a lot more gradual and stretched out rather than happening in chunks scattered here and there. As a result, the more recent episodes pretty much all have some level of importance, except for anime original filler episodes, of course. Although, and I’ve stated as much before in the comments, as this list is about easing the barrier of entry, it is more the early episodes that really matter for trimming the fat. As you get closer and closer to completely caught up, it doesn’t really matter all that much anymore anyway. In short, this list starts to lose meaning the further you get in the series and the closer to caught up to the present you are.

Since Detective Conan has had some direct crossovers with the Magic Kaito manga over the years, yet those parts of the Detective Conan anime never had the Magic Kaito parts that gave them context animated as well, those crossovers have never really had their full and proper effect for anime-only fans. However, now that Magic Kaito has finally received an adequate anime adaptation, I have taken the liberty of working the timings of these all-important crossovers into where they fit in with their Detective Conan episode counterparts, making the crossovers whole once more. The Internet can thank me later. The only issue is that the Magic Kaito episodes are entirely out of order. But, the order really does not matter for that series as it does with Conan, as the series is entirely episodic beyond pretty much the first episode. So, you can ignore that and watch that series in any order you wish.

Included Episodes:
Included Episodes by Time/International Numbering (1-hour specials counted as 2 episodes, etc.):
Ignoring character arc subplots and sticking with main plot only (not recommended):
Main Plot by Time:
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Should I watch every episode listed here?

An episode being on this list does not necessarily mean that I am insisting that you watch it. It is calling the case out as one that someone might not want to miss for some reason or reasons, with those listed. If the reason given does not look like it matters to you, feel free to ignore that episode.

Why do you say watching only *Main Plot* episodes is “not recommended?”

The *Main Plot* label is only there to point out episodes that you definitely should not skip, since listing the spoiler-lite reasons alone may not be enough. Watching only those episodes is missing out on most of the character development, which is what mainly causes you to care about what happens in those episodes in the first place. While I am not necessarily recommending that you watch every case listed, I am suggesting that you find a balance somewhere in the middle that works for you.

Why do Magic Kaito 1412 episodes keep coming up? Do I need to watch that, too?

That is not necessarily something you need to watch unless you’re a big fan of Kaitō Kid. They are just there to fill in some extra information about his character if you want it, as well as to point out when episodes of that series and events of Detective Conan overlap.

Should I watch the movies?

It doesn’t matter. I would personally recommend it if only because most of the movies are particularly entertaining if you’re a Detective Conan fan, but it’s ultimately up to you. The films don’t impact the story of the main series.

Why are the movies placed where they are?

The placement of a movie is decided primarily by where the manga was when it released. In other words, if it was released just after a specific case in the manga, then it will be placed after the anime episodes that adapted that same case. The movies tend to spoil things from the main series, sometimes even stuff from the manga that the anime hasn’t covered yet. Sometimes only small details, but they exist nonetheless. Therefore, the placement is to avoid spoilers. If you’re going to watch the movies, you don’t necessarily have to watch them right when they appear. You can wait until you’ve caught up and binge them all at once if you want to. The point is to let you know in general that you shouldn’t watch a movie before it comes up.

Why isn’t an episode that looks important on the list?

If it’s from the last few years, it’s almost certainly anime original, and therefore non-canon. Otherwise, ask, along with why you want it included. Your comment could get it added. Feedback from people like you is what has gotten this list to the point it is at today.

Can I watch episodes that are not on the list?

Go right ahead. I won’t stop you. I encourage it. Not only are there tons of exceptional cases that aren’t included on this list (since they don’t advance any aspect of the metanarratives in any significant way), regular mysteries are the whole point of this series in the first place.

Do you know when the series will end?


Why are episodes on the list that haven’t aired yet? How do you know why they’re important?

Upcoming episodes are generally revealed around a month in advance in blocks in Japan. As someone who reads the manga, as long as they aren’t anime originals, I already know what’s going to happen before the episodes air. I usually have which cases to include and why planned out months in advance, only waiting for the episode numbers to be announced.

  • 1-2 (manga 1-5|V1F1-5): Initial setup. The main characters Edogawa Conan/Kudō Shinichi, Mōri Ran and Kogorō, Professor Agasa, Inspector Megure, Gin, and Vodka all get their introductions, among many other things. *Main Plot*

  • 3 (manga 6-9|V1F6-9): Character development and some elements introduced for the first time.

  • 4 (manga 36-39|V4F7-10): Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta’s first focus episode.

  • 5 (manga 33-35|V4F4-6*): More minor character development with shades of preparation for episode 7.
    The manga version includes and reveals some important info about Gin and Vodka, like their names being Gin and Vodka, but the anime changed this by replacing them with one-off characters for some reason. Later on, if you’re wondering why Conan suddenly knows their names with no explanation, this is why.

  • 7 (manga 26-29|V3F7-9): Main character development. Marks the first time Ran comes somewhat close to exposing Conan’s identity. *Main Plot*

  • 10 (manga 68-71|V7F8-V8F1): Introduces some minor recurring elements that will be referred to countless times in the future.

  • 11 [INTL 11-12] (manga 62-67|V7F2-7): Events referenced in some character development in episodes 77-78 later on. (1 Hour Special)

  • 12 [INTL 13] (manga 81-83|V9F1-3): Introduces the turbo skateboard and detective badge, as well as makes the Detective Boys into... the Detective Boys.

  • 13 [INTL 14] (manga 13-16|V2F4-7*): Introduces Miyano Akemi. *Main Plot*
    Note her importance was far more immediately obvious in the manga (although not the full breadth of it by any means). But the anime creators were idiots, in a way they really seemed to enjoy being at this point in the anime, and changed the ending of this episode completely. Therefore, they had to make a special original followup episode later on when they got to adapting the part of the manga where the implications of the true ending started to become extremely important. Fortunately, I think they learned from this incident and stopped doing things quite so dumb from that point on.

  • 18 [INTL 19] (manga 78-80|V8F8-10): Introduces Superintendent Matsumoto.

  • 20 [INTL 21] (manga 17-19|V2F8-10): Introduces the Elasticity Suspenders. The manga version of this case was the first introduction of the Detective Boys.

  • 27-28 [INTL 28-29] (manga 84-86|V9F4-6): Mōri Kogorō character development.

  • 32 [INTL 33] (manga 105-107|V11F5-7): Introduces Kisaki Eri, Ran’s mom.

  • 34-35 [INTL 35-36] (manga 40-44|V5F1-5): Suzuki Sonoko development. This case was her first appearance in the manga.

  • 43 [INTL 44] (manga 49-51|V5F10-V6F1): Introduces two characters who will have central roles in many main plot events. Also has some Black Organization reference. *Main Plot*

  • 48-50 [INTL 49-51] (manga 92-98|V10F2-8): Introduces Hattori Heiji. This also marks the first time Conan manages to temporarily return to his original body. *Main Plot*

  • 54 [INTL 56] (manga 114-116|V12F4-6): Some Black Organization stuff. *Main Plot*

  • 57-58 [INTL 59-60] (manga 117-121|V12F7-V13F1): Hattori Heiji major development. *Main Plot*

  • Magic Kaito 1412 eps. 1-2: Introduces Kaitō Kid and Nakamori Ginzō.

  • 76 [INTL 78-79] (manga 156-159|V16F6-9): First appearance of Kaitō Kid in Detective Conan. (1 Hour Special)

  • 77-78 [INTL 80-81] (manga 150-153|V15F10-V16F3): Heiji case. Some Conan development.

  • 81-82 [INTL 84-85] (manga 144-146|V15F4-6): Voice actor references galore.

  • 96 [INTL 99-102] (manga 131-138|V14F1-8): Main character development. (2 Hour Special)

  • Movie 1: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

  • 100-101 [INTL 106-107] (manga 173-175|V18F3-5): Shinichi case. Main character development.

  • 118 [INTL 124-125] (manga 185-188|V19F5-8): Heiji case. Introduces Tōyama Kazuha. Builds on the Conan development throughline from 11 and 77-79. (1 Hour Special)

  • 128 [INTL 135] (manga 13-16|V2F4-7*): “The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case” *Main Plot*

  • 129 [INTL 136-139] (manga 176-181|V18F6-V19F1): Introduces Haibara Ai, possibly the second most central character to the overall plot after Conan himself. (2 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • 130-131 [INTL 140-141] (manga 189-191|V19F9-V20F1): Introduces Satō Miwako.

  • 132-134 [INTL 142-144] (manga 192-196|V20F2-6): Kaitō Kid.

  • 136-137 [INTL 146-147] (manga 200-203|V20F10-V21F3): Character development.

  • 141-142 [INTL 151-152] (manga 211-214|V21F11-V22F3): Heiji case.

  • 146-147 [INTL 156-157] (manga 208-210|V21E8-10): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story”—Also introduces Miyamoto Yumi.

  • 153-154 [INTL 163-164] (manga 219-221|V22F8-10): Introduces Kyōgoku Makoto.

  • 156-157 [INTL 166-267] (manga 231-233|V23F10-V24F2): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2”

  • 162 [INTL 172-173] (manga 204-207|V21F4-7): “The Locked Room in the Sky: Kudō Shinichi’s First Case” (1 Hour Special)

  • Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target

  • 166-168 [INTL 177-179] (manga 246-250|V25F4-8): Heiji case.

  • 170-171 [INTL 181-182] (manga 234-237|V24F3-6): Introduces Araide Tomoaki. He doesn’t really do much for now, but he becomes extremely important later on. *Main Plot*

  • 174 [INTL 185-188] (manga 225-230|V23F4-9): Heiji case. (2 Hour Special)

  • 176-178 [INTL 190-192] (manga 238-242|V24F7-11): “Reunion with the Black Organization” *Main Plot*

  • Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century

  • 188-193 [INTL 203-208] (manga 251-260|V25F9-V26F7): “The Desperate Revival” *Main Plot*

  • 199-200 [INTL 214-215] (manga 264-266|V27F1-3): Character development.

  • 205-206 [INTL 220-221] (manga 267-269|V27F4-6): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3”

  • 212-213 [INTL 228-229] (manga 273-275|V27F10-V28F2): Haibara development.

  • 217-218 [INTL 233-234] (manga 284-286|V28F11-V29F2): Megure development.

  • Magic Kaito 1412 eps. 4-6: Introduces Hakuba Saguru and the origin of the long-standing rivalry between Conan and Kid.

  • 219 [INTL 235-238] (manga MK23-24|V4C3-4 & DC299-302|V30F4-7): Kaitō Kid. Also some background stuff that will be important later on. (2 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • 220-221 [INTL 239-240] (manga 276-278|V28F3-5): Introduces Heiji’s mother.

  • 222-224 [INTL 241-243] (manga 279-283|V28F6-10): Heiji case. Some Conan development.

  • 226-227 [INTL 245-246] (manga 270-272|V27F7-9): Introduces Jodie Saintemillion. *Main Plot*

  • 230-231 [INTL 249-250] (manga 287-289|V29F3-5): Introduces Akai Shūichi—AKA Badass Incarnate—gives Jodie-sensei and Araide-sensei development, and some Black Organization on the side. *Main Plot*

  • 238-239 [INTL 257-258] (manga 293-295|V29F9-11): Heiji case. Conan development.

  • Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes

  • 240-241 [INTL 259-260] (manga 296-298|V30F1-3): Character development.

  • 242 [INTL 261] (manga 303-304|V30F8-9): Some Haibara development and very minor Black Organization info.

  • 246-247 [INTL 265-266] (manga 311-313|V31F5-7): Haibara development.

  • 253-254 [INTL 272-273] (manga 328-330|V32F11-V33F2): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4” *Main Plot*

  • 258-259 [INTL 277-278] (manga 325-327|V32F8-10): Introduces James Black. Also, some Shūichi development. *Main Plot*

  • 263 [INTL 282-285] (manga 314-321|V31F8-V32F4): Heiji case. (2 Hour Special)

  • 266-268 [INTL 288-290] (manga 331-334|V33F3-6): Some Makoto development. Plus more Shūichi. *Main Plot*

  • 269-272 [INTL 291-294] (manga 335-340|V33F7-V34F1): Some Black Organization info and some Jodie development. Also, more Shūichi. *Main Plot*

  • 277-278 [INTL 299-300] (manga 341-343|V34F2-4*): Lots of Heiji and Jodie. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven

  • 279-280 [INTL 301-302] (manga 344-346|V34F5-7): Haibara development and some Black Organization clues. *Main Plot*

  • 284-285 [INTL 306-307] (manga 347-349|V34F8-10): More Shūichi. *Main Plot*

  • 286-288 [INTL 308-310] (manga 350-354|V34F11-V35F4):Kudō Shinichi’s New York Case”—Extremely important Shūichi, among other things. *Main Plot*

  • 289-290 [INTL 311-312] (manga 358-360|V35F8-10): Some Black Organization info. *Main Plot*

  • 291-293 [INTL 313-315] (manga 361-365|V35F11-V36F4): Heiji case.

  • 301,302,304 [INTL 323,324,326-329] (manga 366-373|V36F5-V37F1): Satō and Takagi development. (304 is 2 Hour Special)

  • 307-308 [INTL 332-333] (manga 377-379|V37F5-7): Buildup. *Main Plot*

  • 309-311 [INTL 334-336] (manga 380-383|V37F8-V38F1): “Contact with the Black Organization” *Main Plot*

  • 312-313 [INTL 337-338] (manga 384-386|V38F2-4): Followup, Haibara development, and Black Organization backstory. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 6: The Phantom of Baker Street

  • 323-327 [INTL 348-352] (manga 390-397|V38F8-V39F5): Heiji case.

  • 329-330 [INTL 354-355] (manga 398-400|V39F6-8): Haibara development.

  • 333-334 [INTL 358-359] (manga 413-416|V40F10-V41F3): Character development.

  • 335-336 [INTL 360-361] (manga 417-419|V41F4-6): Yukiko development and even more Shūichi. *Main Plot*

  • 338-339 [INTL 363-364] (manga 420-422|V41F7-9): Haibara, Shūichi, Jodie, and Araide development. *Main Plot*

  • 340-341 [INTL 365-366] (manga 423-425|V41F10-V42F1): Haibara development. *Main Plot*

  • 343-344 [INTL 369-370] (manga 426-428|V42F2-4): Jodie and Ran development. *Main Plot*

  • 345 [INTL 371-375] (manga 429-434|V42F5-10): “Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night” (2.5 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • Movie 7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital

  • 346-347 [INTL 376-377] (manga 435-437|V42F11-V43F2): Some Haibara followup development.

  • Magic Kaito 1412 ep. 16: Crossover with Detective Conan 356. They both spoil each other heavily, so maybe watch whichever is more important to you first. But, if you only want to watch one over the other, pick Detective Conan.

  • 356 [INTL 386-387] (manga 453-456|V44F7-10): Kaitō Kid. (1 Hour Special)

  • 358-359 [INTL 389-390] (manga 404-406|V40F1-3): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5”

  • 361-362 [INTL 392-393] (manga 457-459|V44F11-V45F2): Jodie and Araide development. *Main Plot*

  • 381-383 [INTL 412-417] (manga 441-449|V43F6-V44F3): Heiji case. (383 is 2 Hour Special)

  • 385-387 [INTL 419-421] (manga 470-474|V46F2-6): Black Organization info. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky

  • 390-391 [INTL 424-425] (manga 450-452|V44F4-6): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6”

  • 394-396 [INTL 428-430] (manga 475-478|V46F7-10): Kaitō Kid.

  • 398-399 [INTL 432-433] (manga 479-482|V46F11-V47F3): Some setup and building suspense.

  • 400 [INTL 434] (manga 483|V47F4): Major character development. *Main Plot*

  • 406-408 [INTL 440-442] (manga 487-490|V47F8-11): Heiji case.

  • 421-422 [INTL 455-456] (manga 410-412|V40F7-9): Agasa development.

  • 425 [INTL 459-463] (manga 499-504|V48F9-V49F4): “Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out” (2.5 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • 429-430 [INTL 467-468] (manga 508-510|V49F8-10): Introduces Hondō Eisuke. *Main Plot*

  • 431-432 [INTL 469-470] (manga 511-514|V50F1-4): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7”

  • Movie 9: Strategy Above the Depths

  • 449 [INTL 487-488] (manga 535-537|V52F3-5): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story — Fake Wedding” (1 Hour Special)

  • 457-458 [INTL 497-498] (manga 541-543|V52F9-11): Sonoko and Makoto development.

  • 462-465 [INTL 502-505] (manga 550-555|V53F7-V54F2): “The Shadow of the Black Organization” *Main Plot*

  • 469-470 [INTL 509-510] (manga 544-547|V53F1-4): Kaitō Kid.

  • 472-473 [INTL 512-513] (manga 570-573|V55F6-9): Kaitō Kid + Shinichi case.

  • Movie 10: The Private Eyes’ Requiem

  • 479 [INTL 519-522] (manga 559-566|V54F6-V55F2): Heiji case. (2 Hour Special)

  • 484-485 [INTL 527-528] (manga 582-584|V56F7-9): Eisuke development. *Main Plot*

  • 487 [INTL 530-531] (manga 576-578|V56F1-3): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 8: The Left Hand’s Ring Finger” (1 Hour Special)

  • 490 [INTL 536-537] (manga 518-522|V50F8-V51F1): Heiji case. (1 Hour Special)

  • 491-504 [INTL 538-551] (manga 585-590,595-609|V56F10-V57F4,V57F9-V59F1): “Clash of Red and Black”—By far the longest Black Organization arc to date. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 11: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

  • 507-508 [INTL 554-555] (manga 619-621V59F11-V60F2): Eisuke development. *Main Plot*

  • 509-511 [INTL 556-558] (manga 622-624,638-640|V60F3-5,V61F8-10): Introduces Okiya Subaru (awesome to the max). Also, some Black Organization info. *Main Plot*

  • Magic Kaito 1412 ep. 21: Crossover with Detective Conan 515. Lots of repitition between the two, so watch whichever you like more first.

  • 515 [INTL 562-563] (manga 631-634|V61F1-4): Kaitō Kid. (1 Hour Special)

  • 516-517 [INTL 564-566] (manga 613-618|V59F5-10): Heiji case. Also introduces Yamato Kansuke and Uehara Yui. (516 is a 1 Hour Special)

  • Movie 12: Full Score of Fear

  • 521-525 [INTL 570-576] (manga 635-637,646-654|V61F5-7,V62F5-V63F2): Shinichi case. Major development for the main characters, and Heiji is part of it this time. (521 and 522 are 1 Hour Specials) *Main Plot*

  • 532-535 [INTL 583-586] (manga 667-673|V64F4-10): Development for Superintendent Matsumoto, Takagi, and Satō.

  • 537-538 [INTL 588-589] (manga 674-676|V64F11-V65F2): Kaitō Kid.

  • 542-543 [INTL 593-594] (manga 664-666|V64F1-3): Subaru development. *Main Plot*

  • 557-561 [INTL 608-612] (manga 680-686|V65F6-V66F1): Some character stuff for some of the main characters, introduces Morofushi Takaaki, and some Inspector Yamato and Uehara development.

  • 563-564 [INTL 614-615] (manga 677-679|V65F3-5): Big FBI and Black Organization goings on. *Main Plot*

  • 568-569 [INTL 619-620] (manga 687-689|V66F2-4): Inspector Shiratori and Kobayashi-sensei development.

  • Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

  • 573-574 [INTL 624-625] (manga 693-695|V66F8-10): Heiji case.

  • 578-581 [INTL 629-632] (manga 699-704|V67F3-8): Subaru and Jodie development, and some Black Organization activity. *Main Plot*

  • 583-585 [INTL 634-636] (manga 705-708|V67F9-V68F1): Inspector Shiratori and Kobayashi-sensei development.

  • 586-587 [INTL 637-638] (manga 712-715|V68F5-8): Kaitō Kid.
    Note: The latter half of 585 is actually part of this arc.

  • 592-593 [INTL 643-644] (manga 716-718|V68F9-11): Ran development.

  • 610-613 [INTL 661-664] (manga 734-740|V70F5-11): Heiji case.

  • 616-621 [INTL 667-672] (manga 743-752|V71F3-V72F1): “Holmes’ Revelation”—Major development for the main characters. *Main Plot*

  • 622-623 [INTL 673-674] (manga 753-755|V72F2-4): Haibara and Subaru development. *Main Plot*

  • 624 [INTL 675] (manga 741-742|V71F1-2): Introduces Miike Naeko.

  • Magic Kaito 1412 eps. 9-11: Lead-in to Detective Conan 627-628 followed by those episodes from Kid’s perspective. Regardless of how some of the other crossovers may be, this one is entirely meant for Magic Kaito to come before Detective Conan. The manga chapters these were based on were actually released as a lead-in to the Detective Conan manga chapters the Detective Conan anime episodes were based on, and that makes a lot less sense without this lead-in.

  • 627-628 [INTL 678-679] (manga DC731-733|V70F2-4 [prologue MK29-30|V5C1-2]): Kaitō Kid.

  • Magic Kaito 1412 eps. 3, 7, 8, 12-15, 17-20, 22-24 can be watched whenever you want.

  • Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky

  • 646-647 [INTL 697-698] (manga 768-770|V73F6-8): Introduces Sera Masumi. *Main Plot*

  • 648-650 [INTL 699-701] (manga 771-774|V73F9-V74F1): Sera development. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 15: Quarter of Silence

  • 651 [INTL 702-703] (manga 778-780|V74F5-7): Heiji case. Also some Sera development. (1 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • 652-655 [INTL 704-707] (manga 781-786|V74F8-V75F2): Heiji case. Introduces Yonehara Sakurako.

  • 656-657 [INTL 708-709] (manga 775-777|V74F2-4): Sera and Subaru development. *Main Plot*

  • 659-660 [INTL 711-712] (manga 790-792|V75F6-8): Detective Chiba and Miike development.

  • 667-668 [INTL 719-720] (manga 793-795|V75F9-11): Introduces Amuro Tōru. *Main Plot*

  • 671-674 [INTL 723-726] (manga 796-800|V76F1-5): “Detectives’ Nocturne”—Major development for Subaru, Sera, and Amuro, and some Black Organization. *Main Plot*

  • 675-676 [INTL 727-728] (manga 801-803|V76F6-8): Some mild Sera development and Black Organization buildup. *Main Plot*

  • 681-683 [INTL 733-735] (manga 804-808|V76F9-V77F2): “The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love”—Major development for Satō and Takagi and lesser development for Sera and Amuro. *Main Plot*

  • 684-685 [INTL 736-737] (manga 809-811|V77F3-5): Haibara and Subaru development. *Main Plot*

  • 690-691 [INTL 742-743] (manga 812-814|V77F6-8): Subaru, Sera, and Conan’s dad development. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 16: The Eleventh Striker

  • 699-700 [INTL 751-752] (manga 815-817|V77F9-11): Haibara and Sera development with a bit of important Subaru and Amuro. Build up for the following big event. *Main Plot*

  • 701-704 [INTL 753-756] (manga 818-824|V78F1-7): “The Pitch Black Mystery Train”—Big Black Organization event AND Kaitō Kid at the same time. If that is somehow in some universe not enough for you, it has important development of varying degrees for Haibara, Conan’s mom, Shūichi, Subaru, Sera, and Amuro. *Main Plot*

  • 705-706 [INTL 757-758] (manga 825-827|V78F8-10): Some followup with some plan details and Amuro. *Main Plot*

  • 710-715 [INTL 762-767] (manga 831-840|V79F3-V80F1): Heiji case.

  • 722-723 [INTL 774-775] (manga 841-843|V80F2-4): A bit of Amuro and Subaru development. *Main Plot*

  • 724-725 [INTL 776-777] (manga 828-830|V78F11-V29F2): Kaitō Kid.

  • 727-728 [INTL 779-780] (manga 844-846|V80F5-7): Slight Sera development. *Main Plot*

  • 731-732 [INTL 783-784] (manga 847-849|V80F8-10): Introduces Haneda Shūkichi, a bit of development for Yumi, and a tiny bit of Chiba and Miike. *Main Plot*

  • 734 [INTL 786-787] (manga 850-852|V80F11-V81F2): Some Black Organization with a bit of Jodie development. (1 Hour Special) *Main Plot*

  • Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

  • 740-741 [INTL 793-794] (manga 856-858|V81F6-8): Minor Sera development. Also starts with a recap of the only tiny part of 738-739 that has any relevance to the plot, so watching this case makes that one easily skippable.

  • 744-745 [INTL 797-798] (manga 859-861|V81F9-11): Some Makoto and significant Sera development. *Main Plot*

  • 746-747 [INTL 799-800] (manga 862-864|V82F1-3):Kaitō Kid VS Kyōgoku Makoto

  • 748-749 [INTL 801-802] (manga 869-871|V82F8-10): “Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (9)”

  • 754-756 [INTL 807-809] (manga 872-875|V82F11-V83F3): Sera development and introduces Sera’s sister from outside the territory. *Main Plot*

  • 759-760 [INTL 812-813] (manga 876-878|V83F4-6): Sera and Sera’s outside sister development. *Main Plot*

  • 763-764 [INTL 816-817] (manga 879-881|V83F7-9): Heiji case.

  • 770-771 [INTL 823-824] (manga 888-890|V84F6-8): Amuro development. *Main Plot*

  • 772-773 [INTL 825-826] (manga 882-884|V83F10-V84F2): Shinichi case.

  • 779-783 [INTL 832-836] (manga 891-898|V84F9-V85F5): The “Scarlet” series. A Black Organization-related series with big development for Amuro, Subaru, and basically all of the FBI characters of any significance. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

  • 785-786 [INTL 838-839] (manga 899-902|V85F6-9): Haneda Shūkichi and Yumi development, plus a bit of Subaru and Sera’s outside sister. *Main Plot*

  • 787-788 [INTL 840-841] (manga 903-905|V85F10-V86F1): Some Sera and Sera’s outside sister development. *Main Plot*

  • 792-793 [INTL 845-846] (manga 906-908|V86F2-4): Some Black Organization info. *Main Plot*

  • 808-809 [INTL 863-864] (manga 909-912|V86F5-8): Heiji case.

  • 810-812 [INTL 865-867] (manga 913-917|V86F9-V87F2): Introduces Kuroda Hyōe, plus some development for Yamato, Uehara, and Morofushi. *Main Plot*

  • 814-815 [INTL 869-870] (manga 918-920|V87F3-5): Kuroda development.

  • Movie 19: Sunflowers of Inferno

  • 822-823 [INTL 877-878] (manga 925-927|V87F10-V88F1): Some Kuroda followup.

  • 827-828 [INTL 882-883] (manga 928-930|V88F2-4): Sera, Shūkichi, and Sera’s outside sister development. *Main Plot*

  • 830-832 [INTL 885-887] (manga 931-935|V88F5-9): Heiji case.

  • 836-837 [INTL 891-892] (manga 936-938|V88F10-V89F1): Amuro, Sera, and Shūichi development. *Main Plot*

  • 843-844 [INTL 898-899] (manga 939-941|V89F2-4): Tiny hints related to Sera’s outside sister.

  • 847-848 [INTL 902-903] (manga 942-944|V89F5-7): Detective Chiba and Miike development. There is also a lot of random recap for little details from the main plot, in case you need a refresher.

  • 849-850 [INTL 904-905] (manga 945-947|V89F8-10): Yumi development, plus contains some really important background on Haneda Shūkichi if you look really closely. Also relevant to Shūichi. *Main Plot*

  • 853-854 [INTL 908-909] (manga 921-924|V87F6-9): Shinichi case.

  • 861-864,866,867 [INTL 916-919,921,922] (manga 948-957|V89F11-V90F9): Black Organization setup with some Subaru, Amuro, Sera, and Sera’s outside sister development. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

  • 872-874 [INTL 927-929] (manga 958-962|V90F10-V91F3): Heiji case. Introduces Ōoka Momiji. Also a very brief follow-up for Ran from episodes 866-867 that doesn’t give any new information nor turn into anything and is ultimately just a handwave, if you’re into that and really can’t wait to see it.

  • 878-879 [INTL 933-934] (manga 969-971|V91F10-V92F1): Sera development. *Main Plot*

  • 881-882 [INTL 936-937] (manga 972-974|V92F2-4): Shinichi case, with development for Sera, Shūichi, et al. *Main Plot*

  • 885-886 [INTL 940-941] (manga 981-983|V92F11-V93F2): Heiji and Amuro case. Introduces Iori Muga. And some Momiji development.

  • 887-888 [INTL 942-943] (manga 963-965|V91F4-6): Kaitō Kid.

  • 889-890 [INTL 944-945] (manga 966-968|V91F7-9): Introduces Wakasa Rumi. *Main Plot*

  • 894-895 [INTL 949-950] (manga 975-977|V92F5-7): Introduces Wakita Kanenori. *Main Plot*

  • 896-897 [INTL 951-952] (manga 978-980|V92F8-10): Rumi-sensei development. *Main Plot*

  • 909-910 [INTL 964-965] (manga 987-989|V93F6-8): Kuroda and Rumi-sensei development. *Main Plot*

  • 916-917 [INTL 971-972] (manga 990-993|V93F9-V94F1): Heiji case.

  • Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter

  • 919-920,925-926 [INTL 974-975,980-981] (manga 994-999|V94F2-7): Setup. Slight Amuro development.

  • 927-928 [INTL 982-985] (manga 1000-1005|V94F8-V95F2): “Scarlet School Trip”—Shinichi case. Main character development. Also some Sera Masumi and Mary development. (Both 1 Hour Specials) *Main Plot*

  • 941-942 [INTL 998-999] (manga 1006-1008|V95F3-5): Followup from the previous case. Some slight Kuroda, Rumi-sensei, and Wakita development. Black Organization development. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 22: Zero the Enforcer

  • 952-954 [INTL 1009-1011] (manga 1009-1012|V95F6-9): Amuro development. *Main Plot*

  • 971-974 [INTL 1028-1031] (manga 1013-1017|V95F10-V96F3): Detective Chiba and Miike development. Kuroda development. Amuro development. Plus a development for Yumi and Shūkichi in the background. *Main Plot*

  • 983-984 [INTL 1040-1041] (manga 1018-1021|V96F4-7): Heiji case, Kaitō Kid, Morofushi development, Amuro development, and Hiromitsu development. *Main Plot*

  • 993-995 [INTL 1050-1052] (manga 1022-1026|V96F8-V97F1): Sera Masumi development. Also, Makoto is around. *Main Plot*

  • 1003-1005 [INTL 1060-1062] (manga 1027-1031|V97F2-6): Hiromitsu and Wakita development.

  • Movie 23: The Fist of Blue Sapphire

  • 1011-1012 [INTL 1068-1069] (manga 1032-1034|V97F7-9): Rumi-sensei development. *Main Plot*

  • 1018-1020 [INTL 1075-1077] (manga 1035-1038|V97F10-V98F2): Subaru, Sera Masumi and Mary development. *Main Plot*

  • 1024-1025 [INTL 1081-1082] (manga 1039-1042|V98F3-6): Heiji case. Haneda Kōji development. *Main Plot*

  • 1033-1035 [INTL 1090-1092] (manga 1043-1046|V98F7-10): Shūkichi, Yumi, Shūichi, and Mary development.

  • 1045-1046 [INTL 1102-1103] (manga 1047-1050|V98F11-V99F3): Sera Masumi and Mary development and some Black Organization. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet
    The premiere date was delayed due to COVID-19, but this is where it was made to fall relative to the canon progression.

  • 1053-1054 [INTL 1110-1111] (manga 1051-1054|V99F4-7): Rumi development. *Main Plot*

  • 1059-1060 [INTL 1116-1117] (manga 1055-1057|V99F8-10): Wakita development. *Main Plot*

  • 1071-1072 [INTL 1128-1129] (manga 1058-1060|V99F11-V100F2): Kaitō Kid. *Main Plot*

  • 1077-1079 [INTL 1134-1136] (manga 1061-1066|V100F3-8): “The Black Organization’s Scheme” *Main Plot*

  • 1085-1086 [INTL 1142-1143] (manga 1067-1069|V100F9-11): Heiji case.

  • 1093-1094 [INTL 1150-1151] (manga 1070-1072|V101F1-3): Haibara and Rumi development. *Main Plot*

  • 1098-1099 [INTL 1155-1156] (manga 1073-1075|V101F4-6): Introduces Hagiwara Chihaya.

  • 1105-1106 [INTL 1162-1163] (manga 1076-1078|V101F7-9): Kaitō Kid.

  • 1109-1110 [INTL 1166-1167] (manga 1079-1081|V101F10-V102F1): Takagi development.

  • 1115-1116 [INTL 1172-1173] (manga 1085-1087|V102F5-7): Hagiwara Chihaya development.

  • Detective Play Director Murder Case (manga 1088-1090|V102F8-10): Heiji case. Kuroda development. *Main Plot*

  • Movie 25: The Bride of Halloween

  • Serial Hotel Bombing Case (manga 1094-1096|V103F3-5): Sera Masumi and Mary development. Some Black Organization buildup. *Main Plot*

  • Beach House Murder Case (manga 1097-1099|V103F6-8): Rumi development. *Main Plot*

  • Kaitō Kid and the Siren’s Splash (manga 1100-1102|V103F9-11): Kaitō Kid. Wakita development. *Main Plot*

  • Chess Tournament Murder Case (manga 1103-1105|V104F1-3): Kuroda, Rumi, and Wakita development. *Main Plot*

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