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Detective Conan starts off March with more anime original content

The Red Horse Within the Flames
The anime has added a remaster of an anime original and a two-part anime original to the schedule.

Following a month with no manga-based cases in February, March is already shaping up to be the same. The first three of five weeks have been scheduled, and they are all anime original content. Although only two of them are new content.

On the 2nd of March, a remaster of episode 80 will air. This is an episode containing original anime content titled “The Wandering Artist Murder Case.” As is usual for these cases, this will not be shown to many outside of Japan.

Following that, episodes 933 and 934 will be a two-part story on the 9th and 16th. This will be an AO titled “The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case.” That title brings to mind images of someone kidnapping a horse. But wouldn’t you usually call that theft? Maybe it’s an anthropomorphic horse.

The manga is still on hiatus for now and has been on many such breaks lately. Expect that these streaks of AOs will continue far more frequently.

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