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[Update: A Hint of August] Detective Conan schedules its anime originals for July

Human archer hunting a dinosaur
After a brief break, the Detective Conan anime will once again be airing only filler episodes in July.
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It looks like we’re in for another long string of AOs, as expected. Are you prepared for another batch of them? Ready or not, July is bringing one. At least we are given a brief respite for the first week.

On July 6th, the anime will not be broadcast. It will be preempted by the final day of the yearly THE MUSIC DAY broadcast, “THE MUSIC DAY 2019 Era.”

Episodes 946 and 947 will air as a two-part story on the 13th and 20th. This case is titled “The Tears of the Cursed Borgia Jewel.”

Episode 948 will be a one-shot. Titled “The Man Crushed by a Dinosaur,” it will air on July 27th.

The manga is still taking regular breaks. Expect this trend of a single manga-based case surrounded by months of anime-original content to continue.

The first episode for August has been added to the broadcast schedule. Airing on August 3rd, episode 949 will be titled “The Radio Trouble Consultation (Challenge Arc).” It’s an anime original. This will obviously be a multi-part series, but no further titles are available at this time.

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