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[Update: Manga Case Confirmed] Detective Conan anime schedule for August is up

Vermouth meeting Gin at a bar in disguise
The next manga case appears to have finally been confirmed.
And while there is a blank spot that could be anything EXCEPT FOR A MANGA CASE, yep, it looks like all AOs.
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The Detective Conan anime has scheduled most of August. I say “most” because it skipped a week. However, it appears to all be anime-original content.

As previously reported, episode 949 titled “The Radio Trouble Consultation (Challenge Arc)” is slated for August 3rd. However, we now have the full title of the next episode, as well as confirmation that it is only a two-parter. “The Radio Trouble Consultation (Solution Arc)” will be the title of 950, set to air on the 10th.

Following that, episode 951 titled “The Whistling Bookstore 2” is set for August 17th. You may have noticed that conspicuous “2” in the title. That is because this is a rather unique case. This episode is apparently supposed to be a sequel to episode 868, which aired all the way back on July 29th, 2017. But don’t bother going back and watching that one unless you have a lot of spare time with nothing to use it on. The plot of that episode was straightforward and will surely be recapped at the beginning of this one.

The schedule is still pending for August 24th. As a result, we can’t know the episode numbers of this next one for sure. “The Labyrinth Cocktail” is scheduled as a two-part case for August 31st and September 7th. In any case, all of that will be made clear soon enough.

New information has come in regarding the end of the month.

August 24th has been confirmed to be a break for the series. YTV will be airing a charity event on that date. That means the episodes on August 31st and September 7th have been confirmed to be episodes 952 and 953.

More importantly, those episodes, titled “The Labyrinth Cocktail,” have been confirmed to be actually based on chapters 1009-1012 from the manga. This marks the first time since April that a manga-based case has been on the broadcast schedule.

The Detective Conan Important Episode List has been updated to include episodes 952 and 953, listed as “main plot.” It has been suggested that this case will be a three-parter, but for now, only two episodes have been confirmed. So for now, it has been added under the assumption that it will only have two parts. When a third part is revealed, it will be added in.

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