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The Detective Conan anime schedules the rest of September, confirming the length of the next manga case

Detective Conan episode 952 preview: Amuro with a gun to his head
The assertion that the next case would be three parts was correct.

The Detective Conan anime schedule for September is out, and it doesn’t tell us too much we didn’t already know. Although what it does say is significant. A lengthy manga-based case will air, then another break, then an Anime Original.

The previous update included episodes 952 and 953, set to air on August 31st and September 7th. The will be a case based on manga chapters 1009-1012 titled “The Unsolved Cocktail Case.” This new report states that episode 954 will finish out that case on the 14th, making it a three-part series.

There will be no anime on the 21st due to the broadcast of the Rugby World Cup. Episode 955 is slated for the week after that on September 28th. It will be an anime-original episode titled “The Secret of the Insect Person.”

The Detective Conan Important Episode List has been updated to show the next case as a three-parter. The anime is still nipping at the manga’s heels, so expect another long stretch of anime-original content. However, this case should give you plenty to chew on, so hopefully that will keep you satisfied for a while.

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