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The Detective Conan anime broadcast schedule for October has been revealed

Detective Conan episode 748 Next Conan’s Hint Kamen Yaiba
Only one new case next month, but at least you have Kamen Rider VS Godzilla to look forward to next year.

The October anime schedule is now available, and it’s pretty bare. We have more rugby, one Anime Original, and one remaster. The anime staff should be pretty well rested for whatever they will be doing in November.

The anime will be taking a break on October 5th. Similar to the break on November 21st, the Rugby World Cup is taking over its time slot.

A two-parter will air on the 12th and the 19th. Episodes 956 and 957 will be an AO titled “The Mysterious Water Bus.” That sounds like a single-episode AO title to me, but I really have no way of knowing what they’re planning with this one.

There will not be a new anime on the 26th. Instead, a remaster of episode 47 will be broadcast. Those do generally not get a release outside of Japan, so feel free to treat this as another break.

That news by itself may feel like a downer, but there is some more interesting news. Not necessarily good news, but undoubtedly “interesting.”

This one was announced recently, and I was just too busy to write about it until now, but it isn’t exactly urgent. The schedule for next January has been revealed. A 4-part series will air for the entirety of January. This anime-original case will be written by the screenwriter of movie 21, and the announcement was accompanied by a teaser visual. This visual is captioned “Great Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba.”

Great Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba poster

For those not familiar, Gomera is the Detective Conan universe’s stand-in for Godzilla, and Kamen Yaiba is their royalty-free Kamen Rider. The story goes that these two cultural icons of Japan will be facing each other in a movie to commemorate the opening of the new YTV building in Osaka. Note YTV is the station that airs Detective Conan, and this case really is celebrating the opening of this new building in real life. Anyway, Conan is invited to the production of the movie when, naturally, a murder occurs. This case seems to be doubling as one of those “Mystery Tour” cases wherein tourism spots in Osaka will be covered.

Keep watching for the upcoming news of the November and December schedules to connect all of this together. We only have about three months to wait until we get to see the actual titles of January’s long case.

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