Kogoro takes up teaching in the first half of December

Kogoro lecturing Conan with his fists
The upcoming anime for next month sees the great detective doing what he does best.

The first half of December has been filled in for the Detective Conan anime. And presumably, this means Kogoro has graduated to his ultimate form.

Airing on December 7th and 14th are episodes 962 and 963. They will be an anime-original two-parter titled “A Lecture by Mouri Kogoro.” It seems it’s finally happening, folks. Kogoro is combining his skills at lecturing Conan, talking BS, and making dad jokes. From that, he will become the quintessential university professor!

The anime usually always takes the last week of December off, so there is most likely only one more episode after that to close out 2019. Unless the 21st is also a break of some sort, that means that Kamen Rider VS Godzilla should be episodes 965-968.

Allow me to leave you with the usual reminder that the manga has been taking many breaks recently, and it is in an extended hiatus right now. Do not expect this massive ratio of AOs to manga cases to end anytime soon.

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