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Detective Conan March anime schedule confirmed

Kuroda has no doubts.
After six months, the record longest Anime Original streak to date draws to a close.

The anime broadcast schedule for March has been revealed. The first manga-based case this year has had its full list of air dates confirmed. It will be a continuous four-parter.

“The Target is the Police Traffic Department” is scheduled for March 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. These episodes are numbered 971 through 974 and based on manga chapters 1013-1017. That makes this the first manga-based case since episode 954 on September 14th of last year.

At five chapters, this one is nearly twice as long as the typical three-chapter manga cases. Its adaptation was surely going to be longer than usual. A previous announcement teased this case beginning the first Saturday of March, and now we know the full schedule sure.

On top of this being the first case to feature the Chiba and Miike story in three years, there are some significant clues for the main plot happening in the background of this case. Naturally, this is the latest addition to the Detective Conan Important Episode ListDetective Conan Important Episode List.

It’s actually a 4-parter and not a 3-parter. Whoops.

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