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Comic Book Superhero Movie Release Dates

A schedule of all live-action superhero movies and TV shows with US premiere dates that are based on comic books which can be synced to your calendar app.

Anything that has been scheduled is here, whether Marvel, DC, Valiant, or other. However, this includes only those movie and TV series that have officially confirmed premiere dates. There are many more titles than this that have been announced but have not had their release schedules confirmed yet.

The company affiliations of the movies and shows have been included in the descriptions, with the comic publisher and studio both listed if necessary. The big Avengers-related films are tagged as “Marvel Studios,” and the big Justice League-related films are listed as “DC.” Those are very easy. The Marvel comics-based movies being made outside of the MCU, such as Fox's X-Men or Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC), are listed as “Marvel (Fox)” and “Marvel (Sony).” And yes, that’s what Sony is actually calling theirs. Others follow a similar pattern to that.

If they can also be described as superhero movies, then live-action anime and manga adaptations are also included, since those also fit the definition of comic books. Those are tagged as “Japanese Manga (studio name).”

If you want to add this calendar to Google Calendar, there is a convenient button in the bottom right corner that will do just that. However, you can also add it to any calendar app that supports the iCal format by downloading this file and importing it into your app, or by copy and pasting the URL into a calendar that supports adding from URLs. If you’re using a web calendar, you can import it directly using this link.

If you add this calendar to your own calendar app via either the add from URL method or by clicking the add to Google Calendar button on the calendar itself, any updates made to it here will automatically be synced to your copy. Downloading the ICS file and uploading it to your own calendar will only import the current events as they are.

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