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Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Walkthrough

A 100% walkthrough of the Heaven’s Feel route of the Fate/stay night visual novel including all CGs, Tiger Dojos, and significant variations.

A 100% walkthrough of the Heaven’s Feel route of the Fate/stay night visual novel including all CGs, Tiger Dojos, and significant variations.

These are not the only ways to get through, of course, but I picked the paths that give pretty much the most exciting and useful scenes. I will not be listing what all choices “don’t matter,” because if you were going to pick every option possible, why are you reading this anyway? If there is a choice that basically equates to do nothing and watch TV, I’m not going to have anyone make it who are just trying to get through. On that note, there is more than one, and sometimes several, way to reach certain Tiger Dojos, but I listed the simplest ways to reach them, or, in a case of equal simplicity, the most interesting.

I do not entirely recommend using a walkthrough for this visual novel since it’s pretty easy to get through anyway. I compiled this originally from my notes I made for myself years ago on all the different ways to cause specific things to happen. So only use this if you’re still having trouble, you’re trying to get the Good End to Unlimited Blade Works (yeah, I’ll admit, that one is pretty complicated), or you’re trying to get all the Tiger Dojos. Which you should do that last one because it unlocks a unique scene if you do.

If you are going for 100% completion, I would recommend saving at each choice that I have a “Note” under that indicates a different option, following that advice, then continuing from the “correct” option for your main save.

Note you must finish Fate before you can unlock Unlimited Blade Works, and you must complete Unlimited Blade Works before you can unlock Heaven’s Feel. You do not technically need to in [Realta Nua] for Windows, but it’s still recommended.

Day 1
1. I’ll go and help Sakura.
(Note: Does not appear in Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows)
2. I’ll go to work.
1. I’ll take Sakura home.
(Note: Does not appear in Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows)
Day 2
2. I’ll make one more side dish since Sakura’s coming.
2. I’m worried about Sakura.
(Note: Both choices on this day do not appear in Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows)
Day 3
2. ...Fight.
2. Save Saber...!

(Note: If you’re on the [Realta Nua] Windows port, the one where all 3 routes come separate, many of the choices in the first 3 days will not exist, that is they will already be chosen for you appropriate to the route)

Day 4
1. Secure the neighborhood.
Day 5
1. Consult her about Sakura.
(Note: Choice 3 here “I smell danger! Run away to my classroom!” leads to Tiger Dojo 26 on Day 8)
1. I don’t hate you.
2. I’ll tell Sakura myself.
1. Should I go check on her...?
Day 6
1. Don’t lie.
1. I’ll go shopping.
2. Restrain myself.
3. ...No, I’m worried about Sakura.
(Note: Choice 1 here “Patrol Shinto.” leads to Tiger Dojo 25 on Day 7)
Day 7
2. To show my apology, I’ll do anything she says.
(Note: Choice 1 here “Invite her to my house as a guest.” gives you an extra CG in the next scene)
Day 8
1. Investigate the Ryuudou Temple.
3. Use my Command Spell...!
(Note: Choice 2 here “Attack Zouken...!” leads to Tiger Dojo 27)
Day 9
2. He didn’t want to kill me?
2. I can’t do this myself. I need Tohsaka’s help.
(Note: Choice 1 here “...No, this is my problem.” leads to Tiger Dojo 28)
1. Yes
2. No
1. No way!
(Note: Choice 2 here “...I guess it can’t be helped.” leads to Tiger Dojo 31 later in the day)
1. No, I can’t leave Sakura by herself.
1. Pull Tohsaka's hand.
(Note: Choice 2 here “Close my eyes and attack Rider.” leads to Tiger Dojo 29)
2. I want to protect Sakura.
(Note: Choice 1 here “...Persist on being a superhero.” leads to Tiger Dojo 30)
Day 10
1. I really like her.
2. I should go see what’s going on.
(Note: Choice 1 here “...I should stay here.” leads to Tiger Dojo 32)
2. Protect Illya...!
(Note: Choice 1 here “Bring back Tohsaka...!” leads to Tiger Dojo 33)
2. I guess Illya?
1. Release it.
Day 11
2. I haven’t seen Rider.
Day 12
1. ...I nod.
Day 13
1. Accept.
(Note: Choice 2 here “Do not accept.” leads to Tiger Dojo 34)
2. ...I can’t do that.
(Note: Choice 1 here “Kill Sakura.” leads to Tiger Dojo 35)
Day 14
1. Quickly go back home.
Day 15
1. Save Sakura. Bring back Illya.
(Note: Choice 2 here “We lost.” leads to Tiger Dojo 36)
2. Accept.
(Note: Choice 1 here “Refuse.” leads to Tiger Dojo 37)
*. Bring Illya back.
3. ...Give her the answer to the previous question.
(Note: Choice 2 here “Fight back using projection...!” leads to Tiger Dojo 38 [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED])
3. ‘Will I be on Sakura’s side until the very end’
Day 16
2. Use another projection...! -> NORMAL END
3. Wait for my chance...! -> TRUE END
(Note: Choice 1 here “Attack Saber...!” leads to Tiger Dojo 39)
(Note: It is recommended to go to the NORMAL END first before the TRUE END, since already having seen the NORMAL END gives the TRUE END far greater impact)
2. ...Bring my arm down.
(Note: Choice 1 here “...Save Saber.” leads to Tiger Dojo 40)
2. ...Is that the way?
(Note: The final choice only appears on the way to the TRUE END and only if the TRUE END has already been reached at least once. The other option is a somewhat less advisable way to reach the NORMAL END)

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