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Tsukihime: Akiha Walkthrough


A 100% walkthrough of the Akiha route of the Tsukihime visual novel including all CGs and Bad Ends.

These are not the only ways to get through, of course, but I picked the paths that give pretty much the most exciting and useful scenes. I will not be listing what all choices “don’t matter,” because if you were going to pick every option possible, why are you reading this anyway? If there is a choice that basically equates to do nothing and watch TV, I’m not going to have anyone make it who are just trying to get through. On that note, there is more than one, and sometimes several, way to reach specific Ciel-Sensei’s Lessons, but I listed the simplest ways to reach them, or, in a case of equal simplicity, the most interesting.

I do not entirely recommend using a walkthrough for this visual novel since it’s pretty easy to get through anyway. I compiled this originally from my notes I made for myself years ago on all the different ways to cause specific things to happen and reach all the Bad Ends. So only use this if you’re still having trouble or if you’re a completionist trying to get all the Ciel-Sensei’s Lessons.

If you are going for 100% completion with all regular endings, Bad Ends, and CGs as quickly as possible, I would recommend saving at each choice that I have a “Note” under that indicates a different option, following that advice, then continuing from the “correct” option for your main save.

Note you must finish either Arc or Ciel before you can unlock Akiha and Hisui, and you must complete Hisui before you can unlock Kohaku. For the best experience, I would recommend going in order of Arc, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku.

Day 1
1. There’s only a few minutes until homeroom. I have to head there right away.
3. Eat lunch in class.
1. Get a hold of myself and head back to the mansion.
1. About my little sister Akiha.
1. Go to the sitting room and talk with Akiha.
2. Go to sleep.
Day 2
1. Greet Akiha.
1. Ask about Yumizuka Satsuki.
1. Go and look.
(Note: Choice 2 here “Don’t go and look.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 22)
Day 3
3. Search around the city.
1. Go look for Yumizuka.
(Note: Choice 2 here “I can’t do something that dangerous.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 23 later in the day)
1. I like her.
Day 4
2. Of course I agree.
Day 5
1. Ask her why she transferred to this school.
2. Go to Akiha’s classroom.
1. Go to the sitting room.
1. Go to the detached building.
Day 6
1. Calm down a little, then head to the sitting room.
1. Akiha’s current uniform suits her better.
2. Go and help Kohaku-san.
Day 7
1. Still, I can at least say good morning to Akiha.
1. Go to Akiha’s classroom.
1. Talk to Ciel about last night.
(Note: Choice 2 here “..... That would just be a waste of my time.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 24)
Day 8
No choices
Day 9
1. ...... Go and determine my own fate.
(Note: Choice 2 here “No, I’ll stay at the mansion.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 25)
2. ...... I can’t do it.
(Note: Choice 1 here “..... I have to live.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 26)
Day 10
3. East wing, second floor.
1. Take off my glasses and get ready to kill.
Day 11
No choices
Day 12
2. Take a breath, calm down, and then pursue him.
(Note: Choice 1 here “Pursue him right now.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 27)
1. ...... Stop.
(Note: Choice 2 here “...... I won’t let his words trick me.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 28)
1. ...... Chase after Akiha.
(Note: Choice 2 here “...... I can’t do it.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 29. Which is incredibly annoying. Seriously, even if you’re trying to see all of them for whatever reason, just skip this one. It’s not worth it.)
2. ...... I can’t do that.
(Note: Choice 1 here “..... Keep my promise.” leads to Ciel-Sensei’s Lesson 30)
1. ...... Give Akiha back this life. -> TRUE END
2. ...... I can’t do that. -> NORMAL END

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