Tsukihime: Ciel Walkthrough

A 100% walkthrough of the Ciel route of the Tsukihime visual novel including all CGs and Bad Ends. Disclaimer: I do not own Tsukihime or anything contained within.

This is not the only way to get through, of course, but I picked a path that gives pretty much the most interesting and useful scenes. I will not be listing what all choices "don't matter," because, if you were going to pick every choice possible, why are you reading this anyway? If there is a choice that basically equates to do nothing and watch TV, I'm not going to have anyone make it who's just trying to get through.
Note that I do not exactly recommend using a walk-through for the Tsukihime visual novel, since it's pretty easy to get through anyway (I compiled this originally from my notes I made for myself on all the different ways to cause different scenes to happen and reach all the Bad Ends), so only use this if you're still having trouble or if you're trying to get all the Ciel-Sensei's Lessons, if you're just a completist like that.
There is more than one (sometimes several) way to reach certain Ciel-Sensei's Lessons, but I listed the simplest ways to reach them, or, in a case of equal simplicity, the most interesting.
If you want to 100% complete all normal endings and Bad Ends and all CGs as quickly as possible, I would recommend saving at each choice I have a (Note:) under that talks about a different choice, following the advice of the note, then reloading the save and picking the "correct" choice to continue your main save.

Note you must finish either Arc or Ciel before you can go through Akiha or Hisui, and you must finish Hisui before going through Kohaku. For the best experience, I would recommend going in an order of Arc, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku.

Day 1
2. ...... I'm curious, so I'll go take a look.
3. Go out into the hallway to think about it.
2. Stay in school for a little longer.
1. About my little sister Akiha.
(Note: this choice only appears if you've cleared at least one ending)
2. Stay in my own room.

Day 2
1. Greet Akiha.
3. Go to the tea ceremony room.
2. This is, without a doubt, reality wrought by my own hands.

Day 3
2. No, I won't cooperate.
1. I should be escaping after all.
2. I think I'll go back to the hotel.
1. ---I should go check out what's happening outside.

Day 4
2. No, there's no way I could take on a monster like that.
1. Dash towards Nrvnqsr.
1. I'll bear with it for now and wait for my chance.

Day 5
2. Try to deceive her.
2. Ask about last night.
2. Alright, I won't eat.
2. I don't care. I'll nod.
2. It might be Ciel-Senpai.
(Note: every single alternate choice gives extra CGs)
(Note: 2 extra choices, for 5 total, that still give more CGs, only appear if you've already cleared at least one ending)

Day 6
3. An opening! I'll surprise her from behind!
2. No, even if she hates me, I'll go see Senpai.
2. Go to the tea ceremony room.
2. Senpai is dear to me.

Day 7
1. No, let's go to the sitting room.
1. Say it bluntly.

Day 8
No choices

Day 9
3. Go behind the school.
2. ...... Go eat some lunch.
(Note: Choice 1 here "Space out here in the classroom." leads to Ciel-Sensei's Lesson 12)
2. ...... No, it does matter.

Day 10
1. Kohaku-san is in the way.

Day 11
1. No, I have to turn Kohaku-san away.
(Note: Choice 2 here "...... I'll just have her leave the food in here." gives you an extra CG and leads to Ciel-Sensei's Lesson 15 later in the day)
2. ...... But still, I want to hear her voice.
(Note: Choice 1 here "...... I can't let her see me like this." leads to Ciel-Sensei's Lesson 13)
1. Escape forward.
(Note: Choice 2 here "Escape backwards." leads to Ciel-Sensei's Lesson 14)
2. ...... Don't take off my glasses.
1 or 2, choose according to taste.

Day 12
1. Obey Arcueid. -> GOOD END
2. Don't obey Arcueid. -> TRUE END 2015-12-08T22:15:00-06:00

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