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List of Important Episodes in Detective Conan Compiled

I've been meaning to do this for years (this and many other things). For the sake of those who might want to get into or try to convince a friend to get into Detective Conan for the story but find the insanely high episode count and history of nearly 2 decades daunting, I've compiled a list of episodes that are actually important …..

Tsukihime Walkthroughs

I've finally gotten around to finishing up the Tsukihime walkthroughs. You can find them on the Guides page. Peace out...

Fate/stay night Walkthroughs

I've been asked about them quite a bit, so I have put up my personal walkthroughs to the Fate original PC visual novel that I compiled myself here. To find them, check the Guides page. That will be all for now. Peace out...