Friday, March 12, 2010

Fate/stay night Walkthroughs

I've been asked about them quite a bit, so I have put up my personal walkthroughs to the Fate original PC visual novel that I compiled myself here. To find them, check the Page List accessible from the navigation bar. That will be all for now.

Peace out.


  1. JESUS!

    the shit i had to go through just to post this useless comment, which is now much shorter since it got deleted twice on me...

    why do i have to sign in to say something?

    anyway, what i tried to say was: there is a built in english walkthrough/flowchart included with the mirrormoon translation.

    should be in your game folder.

    lazy/incompetent people go here:

  2. Most people can't figure out the flowchart. It's too complicated for them. No joke. Believe me, I would know. I have to deal with them every day. And it drives me insane. Hence the walk-throughs.

    And yeah, I'm having trouble with the commenting, too.... I had to bring out IE just to get it to work, with or without signing in.

  3. you can't be serious, can you?

    what's there to figure out?
    double click it and voila, it tells you exactly what to do.

    PLUS, you can highlight your choices along the way

  4. also, congrats on making comments easier

  5. My motto: People are stupid.

    And considering my YouTube channel has like 900 Fate-related videos, I get a lot of those people being stupid related to Fate, naturally.