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Surpass Impossible


That is my personal creed, and a path I cannot allow myself to deviate from.

I stand at the top of everything I involve myself in. Whenever I decide to do something, even if it is something I do not like to do but rather have to do, I make sure I am the best at it. I make it my goal to surpass all others in any area I devote myself to. And my goals do not have those concrete levels and numbers which everyone else around me seems to think has to comprise a goal. First and foremost, my goal is always to defeat myself. I will surpass myself in every area from yesterday, I will surpass myself from an hour ago, I will surpass myself from a second ago.

I've made my career always out of being a leader, and I always lead by example, not by force. My "superiors" have never understood my methods nor my complete inability to give them standard numerical "goals." As such, I tend to just ignore them. I take orders from no one merely because of position. If I do something I was told to do, it is merely because it was something I decided to do based on my own beliefs. Whether they like it or not, they can never argue with the results.

When someone tells me something I'm trying to do is impossible, or says there is a level one can never surpass, I make it my business to shatter that image of impossible and prove it possible through my actions. Others may laugh or call me arrogant or foolish when I claim I'll do something immediately after hearing why something can't be done, but I am always the one smiling in the end.

My goal for this path is only one thing: to prove to everyone I meet that "impossible" does not exist in this world. I will destroy all preconceived perceptions to make room for newer, better thought, and not the stale old things everyone is always learning from various old people who think they are doing everyone favors by forcing everyone to keep thinking in the same ways as the past, never allowing any growth.

No matter how things may turn out by the end, I will definitely never regret choosing this path. This is but one of many intertwined routes I take to reach my final, uncompromising goal. I am one who follows the road of heaven, one day to hold the fate of all the world in my hands.

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