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I Need More Outlets

You know, I just had a thought. When I get a Switch, where will I plug it in?..

Three Friends Discuss Why Chrono Cross is an "Amazing RPG"

WARNING: Major spoilers for both Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger...

Surpass Impossible

That is my personal creed, and a path I cannot allow myself to deviate from. I stand at the top of everything I involve myself in. Whenever I decide to do something, even if it is something I do not like to do but rather have to do, I make sure I am the best at it. I make it my goal to surpass all others in any area I devote myself to. An…..

Chrono Trigger: The Beginning

You know what? Chrono Trigger was my first RPG. Well, technically the original Dragon Warrior was, but every time I played it I never got more than five minutes in before I said, "What the hell is this shit?" and turned it off (I still hate that game to this day). Anyway, it is really a coincidence that it is also my all-time fav…..

Why? Because I Can

Yo, I'm setting up a blog here (as to which I'd like to take this moment and clarify that it was originally supposed to be pronounced like 'bee-log' kinda like with email, don't know when it changed). And yes, you can pretty much expect anything in the future to be like that, as my thoughts tend to do that on their ow…..