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Friday, July 24, 2015

Three Friends Discuss Why Chrono Cross is an "Amazing RPG"

WARNING: Major spoilers for both Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger.

I like how, regardless how the video is titled, the other guys kinda just disagree with most of the stuff he says.
I especially like how the biggest disagreer guy, who is literally saying what I'm thinking through pretty much the whole video, even managed to bring up Xenogears' disc 2 sitting in a chair for the whole disc thing.
Just for a point of comparison.
alright.. Chrono Cross was a good game by itself but as a sequel it was dumb as crap. Mainly the story. I liked chrono Trigger because not just game play but for its story which means the characters. Where the fudge were they? I mean we know they got killed off.... i guess in Chrono Trigger, or.. not really, but what the heck, we know that Magus is still alive, .. Robo suppose to be  and some others, but Chrono Cross killed them off (and Magus stil missing), wtfudgee. They freaken slapp us by leaving Magus story out when I thought he had the best story because it had alot to do with EVERYTHING
they just brought back characters like Glenn that were almost the CT characters but not really, wtfudgee
and Robo is killed off screen, wtfudge is that
And then drowned us in useless characters with no personalities and all having the exact same dialogue as each other.
And thought they could cover it up by giving them a bunch of cuh-ray-zay character designs.
Oh hey, 45 playable characters!
the story about Lynxx and Serge switching body or Serge being killed wtfudge confusing was stupid
And they are all exactly the same as each other except for looking different!
i remember a stupid straw doll character, what was that about
And they all look like shit that makes no sense!
Buy our game!
This is how we advertise!
[No really, they actually used that as the main selling point.]
oh look, its Lavos,... but i guess we dont actually call him that because hes merged with a child blonde version of Schala, WTFUDGE was that about
[Little did they know that literally the only reason people were buying the game was because it was named Chrono. And that was all they needed to advertise.]
Yeah what the heck man....
[And then they destroyed all those peoples' dreams by making it have basically nothing to do with Chrono Trigger outside of the part where they killed the entire audience for the game's childhoods in one fell swoop.]
oh Lucca is dead.. even though we see her little child spirit sorta, and her theme song is everywhere, and we talk about her allll the timeee
[Seriously, these guys were fucking morons.]
oh hey lets make Guile Mag.... imean uhhh.. lets keep him Guile
yea screw you magus, you werent good enough to keep around even though you were a major big character and almost everyone's favorite in CT.. and thats why we brought you back in Radical dreamerss, but oh well we dont like you, come on in Guile
lets get the true ending by playing a song by using skills in certain order, and it does some sort of weird prayer thing almost like stereotype japanese crappppp
while in CT you woop the crap out of Lavos with real strategyyyy
Literally no one figured that one out without a strategy guide.
i didnt even know about that until you just did it for me
im like uhh... alright no one ever told me about this in the game
I had the strategy guide
they sorta kind hinted to it but not erally
But with a strategy guide... it was harder to beat him and just not get an ending than it was to get the ending.
They hinted at it in ways that no one who didn't already know about it would ever notice.
Oh hey, the colors of the tiles in this one dungeon go in this order!
Who the hell pays attention to that kind of crap normally!?
Also, the shoehorned in the multiple endings system from Chrono Trigger.
But you get them only in New Game +.
oh hey lets bring back Slash Ozzy and Flea, oh Flea is more of a girlll, shehe it got her heit wish finally! thanks to Spekkio! oh yea End of time... remember me? just for this small time even though it were freaken important as heck in CT
Have to do some special alternate way of fighting the final boss to get them that makes no sense, instead of just fighting him normally.
And they are all stupid and have nothing to do with anything.
Just random wannabe fanservicy things I guess.
We should AVGN this
Also, even the true ending of the game HAS NO FUCKING ENDING.
Schala is free now I guess?
But what happens with that?
It doesn't show us anything!
Just some stupid live action video of real life Tokyo!
Which makes no damn sense!
They were literally trying to Shyamalan confuse people on purpose.
and wtfudge, i might of gotten memory wrong, Masa and Mune sacrificed themselves to become the final HOLY weapon to destroy Lavos or something, the ultimate weapon you cant get until a certain point of game, so screw you new game +system
And just suck at it.
lolz i remember that ending
i was like wtfudgee, uhh what happen to Schala..
the one Magus went through all the trouble for
I'm tempted to just copy and paste this conversation onto my blog as is, lol.
when i read all these comments, CC IS GREAT GAME< one of best, top 3 rpgs ever!
whenever i think of CC, i literally get sad, like my soul is crying tears
because of how effin messed up sad this game gotten , and should of been
lolzzz, yea dangit M Night, you messed with all these movies, you had to mess with Chrono Cross too!
and seriuosly.. that song at the end did not help, i dont know what the heck she saying, its a decent song but it made things alot sadder. it didnt help it went black and white i think, with the live action, and the girl being alone only..
feel like cutting myself
"Oh hey, how's this for an amazing new feature. We were way too lazy to give the playable characters unique dialogue, so we created this cool new Automatic Accent System that the stock dialogue is fed into and it adds different characters' accents to them in real time, making them sound slightly different but still basically the same! That way everyone can have the same personality and you can pick from our roster of 45 useless, boring characters based on which accent you think is funniest! Buy this game!" The actual advertising for this game--reworded into honest version.
its like a palette swap, but instead of just colors, its like whole different skin, but thats it lolz
gotta pay $5 for each
Oh hell yeah, Chrono Cross would make a perfect mobile game.
If not for the fact that no one gives a shit about anyone except for Serge, Kid, Glenn, Norris, and maybe a few others.
Oh wait, they can just make it like that one Final Fantasy mobile game I forget the name of!
Where you pay $1 each to buy new characters.
But the character you get is completely random.
You want cloud!
Well too bad, you get Shantotto!
[Needed spell checker for that one.]
[In other news, Google's spell checker even has that in it.]
can we make that free? i'll pay that for it
ok so.... i havent seen this ending in forever, since you beat the game for me
and .. WHAT the dUCK is she doing walking through Tokyo
i thought Kid or Schala whomever was like.. in the CC world or whatever
She came from the future and is trying to emulate the ending credits sequence of TOME.
Except then she realized she has no friends in Tokyo.
or some back to Terminator future bs or whatever
Because you forgot they all exist in fantasy game world only.
So she just kept wandering and got depressed.
after all that bs she just watches the sea lonely, what the duck
This looks like a job for Nylocke, Dragon of TOME!
Except he doesn't exist yet.
See, this is why time travel is bad if you use it to steal future ideas!
who the fudge she talking to anyway, that she will find again one day, it better be Magus, oh nevermind Squaresoft doesnt care about him
The future people can't come help you with them!
Yeah, forget that chump.
He was only like the most popular character ever.
No biggie.
I still wonder how does Schala become a little blonde girl instead of the teenage or young adult purple/blue hair girl, and OLDER sister to Magus
i can only think of Lavos draining her power and she became like that
Yeah, let's apply that explanation to Terra as well while we're at it.
lolz i was about to say
Or better yet, the director at Square has a blonde fetish.
i guess Terra's esper power scared the crap out of her so she lost her green hair and became blonde too
yayy Squaresoft
Uh.. Just wondering, this might involve CT as well. How does Dalton and his army end up killing chrono marle?
When chrono beat freaken Lavos
Because Chrono got lazy and fat from eating carnival food for the next five years.
Was that cc's doing?
Also, apparently, according to the anime scene added to the end of the PS1 port of CT, they had the Masamune in Guardia in the Present time the whole time.
Yeah, it was.
Couldn't crono just freaken luminare them? Or freaken triple tech
Shit was retconned into CT with that one PS1 anime ending scene after the fact.
I always skipped it whenever I beat the PS1 port and that anime scene came up.
Each time you beat it it alternated between the followup anime ending with everyone celebrating and moving on with their lives and Chrono and Marle's wedding, and... one where Chrono and Marle die 5 years later and some random hand steals the Masamune.
Everyone hated that 2nd one and loved the 1st, naturally.
Although the first time you beat the game and only the first it plays both of those movies back to back.
Instead of alternating.
So.... Marle forgot how to do awesome magic, like life 2?
Remember, Life magic and items doesn't work on people killed by the plot. Only those killed by floating numbers.
Oh I guess that's be too easy than getting the chrono doll and chrono trigger egg
Still beats CC, and twilight anyday
Chrono was melted into nothing.
Nothing to cast magic on, unfortunately.
That one kinda made sense if you thought about it that way.
Also it happened in an alternate space outside of time.
And then everyone was transported out of that space instantly after.
So even if the body were still there, still nothing to cast magic on because... yeah.
Hmm.. John Connor t 3000 said he could kill his mom and dad because according to whatever they were all outside of timeline or whatever
somehow i putting those 2 together..
remember that awsome GATO who even got a part in th e anime, with his theme song many liked... oh not in CC either, i guess Dalto had to make sure he really didnt make it into CC
Gah, don't make me remember that anime!!!

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