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The DC Outreach Project has been working to spread the word of Detective Conan to the masses. They have been asking others to post this on their behalf, but, to be clear, they didn't ask me, I did this on my own (click to reveal the text).

Now get out there and spread the word of Detective Conan!

The DC Outreach Project:close

In an effort to try and get more people involved in Detective Conan and associated franchises, we’re reaching out to key YouTube channels hoping to convince them to create some DCMK videos.

One of these channels is WatchMojo, a channel with 16 million subscribers that guarantees its highest voted suggestion of each month a video. The current #1 has 22 upvotes, a number that we believe the DCMK fandom capable of beating.

To help DCMK reach a wider audience, please go to the link below, create an account, and upvote the suggestion in the link.

The WatchMojo suggestion has officially hit 100 upvotes and become the most popular suggestion on WatchMojo in the entire past year!

Great work, everyone - however, now is the time to double down and call as much attention to this fact as possible. In order to make sure that WatchMojo doesn’t overlook us, we’re hoping to organize a small Twitter campaign.

Detective Conan users everywhere are invited to tweet (or retweet, or, ideally, both) @WatchMojo with a link to the suggestion and the hashtag #WatchConan so that we can all show our love for the series and help spread the word! We’ve included a link below that leads you to a pre-written tweet, should you be feeling lazy. ;)


Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Comment System

With the comments system the way it was, people were having lots of trouble leaving comments on static pages (most notably the Detective Conan Important Episode List, which was most popular to try to comment on). That got annoying, so I just completely switched over to a new comments system. I haven't been able to get transfering preexisting comments to work (completely the fault of the old one, I assure you), but thanks to the aforementioned issues there weren't very many to begin with. If there are still somehow issues with leaving comments, feel free to let me know... somehow.

Oh yeah, while I'm already typing stuff here, you may have noticed that I also just changed the entire layout a few days ago. But I didn't think there was any point in making a post about that one, so obvious it was. But, while I'm at it, I might point out a fairly major change to how you get to the static pages, considering they are pretty much the only reason anyone ever comes here (although most go straight to them without checking by here first). Whereas you used to find them in a list of links on the right column, now they are on the new navigation bar at the very top. On desktops/smart tv/etc. they are now in the "Pages" dropdown menu at the very top right. On mobile devices, they are now in a slide out navigation menu that you can open from a button in the top left corner.

Update July 23:
Alright, since transferring preexisting comments wasn't going to work anytime soon, I went ahead and copied them over MANUALLY. Which was of course only possible because, as I said, due to the problems with the old system making it nigh impossible to post a comment for a long time, there weren't all that many of them.

And yes, by "manually" I mean I went into the old comment database and copy and pasted all the data into the new one, individually, piece by piece, usernames, comment text, timestamps, everything.

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