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Why? Because I Can


Yo, I'm setting up a blog here (as to which I'd like to take this moment and clarify that it was originally supposed to be pronounced like 'bee-log' kinda like with email, don't know when it changed). And yes, you can pretty much expect anything in the future to be like that, as my thoughts tend to do that on their own. Also, as that may start to hint, I've been around the internet almost as long as the internet has been around, so I have lots of archaic knowledge floating around in my head, which may pop out at any random time.

I finally decided to take this [possible annoying] task up mainly because I have this urge on a regular basis to tell random stories from the past, but that's not to say I do that constantly. I'm really just doing this in fairly stream of consciousness style.

Off the top of my head, notable identities I've had on the internet are as follows:
Google: XerBlade
Yahoo: XerBladeX and XerBladeXC
AIM: Xeras2, Xuras2, and XerBladeXC
AdultSwim.com: XerBlade, XerBladeX, Xerid, Divine_Justice_Blade, Xerid_Ketsurui, AzureSky, and Edge_of_Life
GameFAQs: was XerBlade on the old boards back in the day, which apparently were replaced at some point, then made XerBlade again on the new ones
YouTube: XerBlade
MozillaZine: XerBlade
Counter-Strike: XerBlade
StarCraft: XerBlade
Diablo II: XerBlade [Assassin]
MapleStory: XerBlade (Fighter), XerBladeRD (Hunter [main]), XerBladeX (Mage), EireiEmiya (Assassin), RyougiShikiX (Bandit), and Xeran47 (Aran)
OpenID: XerBlade
PlayStation Network: XerBlade

Bottom line is, if you see someone called XerBlade, chances are it's me (last time I checked [which was several years ago I'll admit], all Google results pointed to me).

Chances are, I'll end up talking about things relating to either Chrono Trigger or Fate/stay night most of the time. Why? Because those are the top two inspirations for most of my thought (CT first, Fate a somewhat distant second). Even if it may not seem I'm talking about them at the time, chances are they are in my thoughts behind what I'm saying somewhere.

Alright, that should about do it for an introductory post. Signing out for now.

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