Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Need More Outlets

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You know, I just had a thought. When I get a Switch, where will I plug it in?

Realistically speaking, I should probably switch out that UPS that I no longer actually need for a normal surge protector that has more outlets instead of battery backup as its focus. Although it would still be annoying having my monitor stop working if the power goes out and having to actually open my laptop (my external hard drive would also stop working, but I rarely actually use the stuff on that anyway).

Oh wait, the receiver for my wireless headset would also stop, come to think of it. That would suck balls. I guess I would have to connect it directly to the laptop, or something.

P.S. I took those pictures in the dark.

Alternate titles: It's Obviously Not That I Have Too Many Plugs; It's All the Outlets' Fault; No Really; No I Can't Just Unplug Something I'm Not Using