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The DC Outreach Project has been working to spread the word of Detective Conan to the masses. They have been asking others to post this on their behalf, but, to be clear, they didn't ask me, I did this on my own (click to reveal the text).

Now get out there and spread the word of Detective Conan!

The DC Outreach Project:close

In an effort to try and get more people involved in Detective Conan and associated franchises, we’re reaching out to key YouTube channels hoping to convince them to create some DCMK videos.

One of these channels is WatchMojo, a channel with 16 million subscribers that guarantees its highest voted suggestion of each month a video. The current #1 has 22 upvotes, a number that we believe the DCMK fandom capable of beating.

To help DCMK reach a wider audience, please go to the link below, create an account, and upvote the suggestion in the link.

The WatchMojo suggestion has officially hit 100 upvotes and become the most popular suggestion on WatchMojo in the entire past year!

Great work, everyone - however, now is the time to double down and call as much attention to this fact as possible. In order to make sure that WatchMojo doesn’t overlook us, we’re hoping to organize a small Twitter campaign.

Detective Conan users everywhere are invited to tweet (or retweet, or, ideally, both) @WatchMojo with a link to the suggestion and the hashtag #WatchConan so that we can all show our love for the series and help spread the word! We’ve included a link below that leads you to a pre-written tweet, should you be feeling lazy. ;)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Hate Stupid People

I've been facepalming so much lately that my forehead is getting sore.

It happens every time, and it's stupidly annoying. I enter into a debate and give generally 5 or 6 different points to support my side, all fact-based and with actual evidence to back them up. And then someone comes along and decides to try and pick apart ONE of those points, without giving any evidence to support his/her claims, and assumes victory right then and there.

This part should be unnecessary, but you simply cannot take down a point based on logic and evidence with nothing but conjecture and bullshit. Just because you have an opinion that a point shouldn't stand, that by itself does not make it so.

More important, however, is that so many people seem to think that taking out JUST ONE point out of SEVERAL automatically proves that position wrong. It only needs one to stand in the right! You have to prove them all wrong to prove the position wrong! Get that through your tiny little heads! Ignoring something that you don't like doesn't make it not exist. You aren't God. Get used to it. On top of that, simply telling me something is not logical proves absolutely nothing. Tell me WHY it is not logical, explain where the fallacy is, and then and only then is it a valid statement. Something isn't illogical simply because you decided to say it is.

Regardless, about 99.9% of all people I ever enter into a debate with (which probably is mostly because I don't try and take on the really smart people... because I already recognize they're right and thus there is no reason to say anything against it) just talk out of their asses and throw a couple opinions out against facts and evidence and are already of the solid opinion that it is already over and they've won. It feels like the internet is a bunch of 5-year-olds yelling back and forth, "Did not!" "Did too!" And then someone comes along and says, "I have a video recording that clearly shows that..." "Did not! "Did too!" And then that someone starts beating his head against the wall.

In the end, there is no point whatsoever in trying to talk to someone who refuses to see reality and only lives within the confines of his/her own little world. I welcome a good counter-debate. I don't mind someone validly challenging my own viewpoints at all. It makes for a good challenge, and it helps me to learn more in the end. On the other hand, random kids bickering because they don't want to even read or listen to begin with serves no purpose but to give headaches. Which is why, as soon as I determine that someone trying to argue with me is such a person, I just give up and walk away. No matter what I say to such a person, after all, it is only wasted breath as long as I can't brainwash said person and get them to at least try to use logic when trying to attack my own.

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  1. Sorry to post spam, but your post reminds me of some retarded debate on an anime board where Guts' legacy got totally ruined. i.e. Some random F/SN Berserker vs Guts topic. In fact when I've reached the alignment factor, I know there will be ppl who can't speak decent logic. Again sorry to post spam. :(