Monday, April 5, 2010

Stream of thought before writing this

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  • Get on computer
  • Decide to watch some Sailor Moon
  • Remember, hey, I'm right in the middle of a 2-episode arc in Kamen Rider Den-O, and I want to see what happens next
  • Decide to watch an episode of Kamen Rider then watch some Sailor Moon afterward
  • Watch a couple YouTube subscription videos quickly
  • Oh hey! I have another new comment that my email didn't tell me about because it was a reply to someone else on one of my videos
  • Resist urge to tell off both of the people in a completely pointless argument in the comments for one of my videos
  • Close Firefox to get to the original plan of watching Kamen Rider followed by Sailor Moon
  • Half-naked Arcueid is on my desktop background for the current set of 5 minutes before it randomly changes again
  • ...Hey, half-naked Arcueid
  • Moving on, I'll get to my goal eventually

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