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Detective Conan July 2018 Anime Episodes Scheduled

New Important Episode List banner, cropped Week off followed by 2 AOs and an actual manga case, plus major changes to the Important Episode List.

The next 4 episodes of Detective Conan have been scheduled. And there's apparently a break without a remaster. That's unusual.

The anime is taking a week off on July 7th. Following that, episodes 907 and 908 on the 14th and 21st will be anime originals. Finally, episodes 909-910, airing as a 2-parter between July 28th and August 4th, are the burning tent case based on chapters 987-989 from the manga.

Naturally, episodes 909-910 have been added to the Detective Conan Important Episode List. But there's a lot more new stuff coming at you than just that. Here's a breakdown.

  • Episodes 909-910 added from July's new batch of scheduled episodes.
  • The source manga chapters have been added for all included episodes. Yes, I'm insane, and I finally did it.
  • And while I was working through that one, I found a major omission that has been hanging over the list from the very beginning. Episodes 279-280 have finally been added! Funny thing is, I can actually remember someone did mention adding this one to the list a long time ago, but I ignored them without giving it a second thought because the reason they gave for including it was kinda pointless. They somehow managed to completely leave out the massively important main plot stuff and focus on something else completely random from the case.
  • You wouldn't really be able to tell this just from looking at the site, but I have massively overhauled a lot of the back end stuff to make every page on this site play nicer with social media and search engine results. As one small part of that, the list page has its own, brand new header image, which is the result of my first [and possibly last] ever attempt at using Photoshop.
  • And last and probably also least, the Last Updated date on the list page now displays that date based on your local time zone. Huzzah.

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