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Detective Conan September 2018 Anime Original Episodes Scheduled

Conan and Haibara on a plane
Five straight weeks of anime-original filler episodes without any breaks.

The Detective Conan anime has now scheduled the remainder of September. We already knew the first week or so, but now we also have the rest. And yes, there are 5 weekends in September, so that means five episodes.

Episode 911, a single-part case, "A Job Request From Inspector Megure," will be airing on September 1st. We have known about this one since the July episodes were announced.

Episode 912, "The Detective Boys Become Models," will air on the 8th. This one was revealed more recently.

Following that, for episode 913-914, we have our only two-parter of the month, "Conan is Taken," on the 15th and 22nd. From the look of it, this may be another anime-original case that nerfs Conan, has him non-canonically kidnapped yet again, and completely forgets that he has two phones while in a situation where his second phone would solve everything. For the full utterly opposed to canon, terrible anime-original bingo, this case may also include the turbo skateboard in some capacity. Only this time they may change it up a bit by taking after the Liam Neeson films and never using the word "kidnapped."

Anyway, finally, on the 29th, episode 915, "Female High School Detective Suzuki Sonoko," will be broadcast. I was just thinking that it had been a while since Sonoko did her Deduction Queen thing.

So, that makes five straight weeks of anime-original episodes. And it makes eight consecutive weeks without a manga-based episode. But hey, let's look on the bright side. At least the anime is not taking another three-week break.

On another note, I am continually amazed at the folks on Discord. Even when I am watching the Japanese news feeds like a hawk when I know announcement time is coming up, they still always beat me to it.

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