Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Detective Conan Gets New Shrunken Gashapon Series

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The Detective Conan Chichama-Tai 3 series depicts fan-favorite characters transformed into children.

Bandai has revealed a new gashapon series based on Detective Conan. This set depicts six famous characters who have been shrunk by the drug from the series known as "APTX4869."

From left to right and starting from the top, the depicted characters are Mouri Ran, Kudou Shinichi, Sera Masumi, Amuro Tohru, Scotch, and Akai Shuuichi. Akai is wearing his clothing from his time spent undercover. Their clothes are hanging loosely from their shrunken bodies.

The figures will be added to gashapon vending machines across Japan starting this November for 400 yen per play.