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Detective Conan anime episodes 929 and 930 to start off February

Conan with a giant snowball from episode 767
The anime will follow up the school trip arc with a two-part anime original.

Following a two-week break from new anime, Detective Conan will return with episode 929. 929 and 930 will be a two-part AO titled “A Woman Standing by the Window.”

It should be noted that the manga is taking another hiatus during this same period. Both the break in the anime and these new episodes coincide with the break in the manga. Combined with all of the other recent hiatuses, this means a higher ratio of AOs to manga-based episodes than ever are imminent.

There is only one manga case left to adapt before the point where Movie 22 falls. At this point, however, it’s anyone’s guess when that will happen.

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