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[Update: End of January] Detective Conan Anime Has Scheduled Everything up Through the ‘Crimson School Trip’

Higo thanks Haibara with a pat on the head. From episode 823.
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The Detective Conan anime has scheduled the final remaining case leading into Crimson School Trip in the expected slot. So we now know the lineup for the whole month of December. However, most of January has also been announced, making this the farthest ahead we have been able to see in some time.

To recap, episodes 923 and 924, titled “A Day Without Conan” and “The Sun Sets on an Orange Grove,” are slated for the 1st and 8th of December. Both are anime originals.

Episodes 925 and 926 are now set to air as a two-part series on the 15th and 22nd of December. The title is set to be “The Strap of the Troubled Heart.” Or something along those lines. They used a word without a precise English equivalent this time along with sketchy grammar paired with a loan word (and Japan has a bad history with its usage of loan words). I’ll be interested to see how Crunchyroll decides to translate it. Anyway, this arc is based on chapters 997-999 from the manga. This case is fundamentally about Conan trying to find a way to go on the Kyoto school trip, so it is a direct prologue to the “Crimson School Trip” case.

The anime will be taking a break from new episodes on the 29th so the staff can enjoy the holidays, as has been the norm for the final week of December in recent years. A remaster of episode 79 will be broadcast instead.

The “Crimson School Trip” was previously announced for January the 5th and 12th. Now we know for sure that it will be episodes 927 and 928. They will both be one-hour specials. This case is based on chapters 1000-1005 from the manga.

The series will be taking a break from broadcasting on the 19th of January. I’m sure the staff will be exhausted after being made to live up to everyone’s high expectations for the previous arc. This should be a good chance for them to catch their breath.

Naturally, the Detective Conan Important Episode List has been updated to reflect this new information. Episodes 925-928 have all been included. It’s Thanksgiving day here in the USA, and here I am working because this is the typical day the big news drops. Enjoy.

The last remaining week of January has been added. After taking a break on the 19th, as previously reported, the series will return on the 26th of January with an old rerun. A remaster of episode 87 will air on that day.

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