Detective Conan fills in the rest of the schedule leading up to the 23rd movie

Detective Conan episode 512, fortune teller victim
The movie pre-story that had become the norm in previous years is replaced with a re-airing of a relevant case.

The remainder of March has been added to the anime schedule. As previously reported, a remaster of episode 80, “The Wandering Artist Murder Case,” will air on the 2nd. The following two weeks will be covered by an anime original titled “The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case.”

The 23rd of March was for some reason expected by many long-time fans to be the first part of the adaptation of the next case from the manga. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would think that under the present circumstances. Anyway, a single-part anime original will instead air on that date titled “A Fortune Teller and Three Guests.” And if you can’t guess what the basic premise of that one will be from that title, welcome to your first Conan story.

The anime is planning to re-air episodes 746 and 747 on the 30th of March and 6th of April. These episodes are a two-part series titled “Kaitou Kid vs Kyougoku Makoto,” which is based on manga chapters 862-864. These episodes are being broadcast to hype up the 23rd movie, which will have its theatrical premiere on the 12th of April in Japan.

If it were following the pattern from previous years, an anime original intended to advertise the movie would air on April 6th. However, this year they are instead going to air past episodes that are highly relevant to the premise of the film. Personally, I would be happy if they chose to continue doing it this way from here on out. Those so-called “tie-in” episodes were always a waste of time that had no relationship with the movies, whether in story or tone.

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