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Detective Conan anime finally schedules the next manga case

Kobayashi and Maria
The Maria Higashio case will finally be aired after 5 straight months.

After a seemingly unending string of Anime Originals, the end is at last in sight [for now]. The anime schedule has been laid out through mid-June. May is still made up of AOs and a remaster, but the first half of June has the case you’ve all been waiting for.

Picking up where we last left off, episode 940 will air on the 11th of May. It will be an Anime Original titled “The Lover That Disappeared.”

On the 18th and 25th of May, a remaster will air. However, this remaster’s situation is a bit complicated. The second half of episode 219 will be split across two weeks. 219 was originally a two-hour special, but the first and last halves were really unrelated separate stories. What’s more, this is not just to give the anime staff a break. That case is being broadcast to remind Japanese audiences of something that is about to be brought up that hasn’t come up since episode 219, so chances are most viewers will not remember it at all.

And finally, on the 1st and 8th of June, episodes 941 and 942 are coming. This will be a two-part case titled “Find Maria-chan!” And this one is not an AO. This case is based on chapters 1006-1008 from the manga. Rejoice! Your savior from filler has arrived, and its name is Maria Higashio. Even if the mystery itself is basically filler.

The Detective Conan Important Episode List has been updated to include episodes 941-942, listed as “main plot.” Furthermore, this is the case that has precluded movie 22 from being added, so that is now on the list as well.

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