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Detective Conan anime returns to anime-original content after the previously scheduled upcoming manga case

Conan looking downcast in the rain at a playground
Following the “Maria-chan” episodes in the first half of June, prepare to wait a while for the next manga-based case.

The Detective Conan manga has seen a really sparse release schedule lately. As such, we can expect a really sparse release schedule of anime adaptations of them. It should come as no surprise, then, that following the upcoming manga-based case it will be a while before the next.

The manga-based “Find Maria-chan” was previously scheduled for broadcast on the first two weekends of June. The remaining three weekends of the month have all been filled in with Anime Originals. Granted, the original manga source for that case was followed by a very long hiatus.

Episode 943 is set for June 15th. Its title is something along the lines of “The Tokyo Old Lady’s Collection.” But I really don’t like committing to a translation when there is that much katakana involved.

Episodes 944-945 will be a two-parter across the 22nd and 29th of June. This title is a prime example of weird grammar that is hard to carry over to English. Honestly, the best my relatively uncreative mind can think up is “That’s fine. That price.”

Finally, the following weekend, the Detective Conan anime will be taking a week off on July 6th. This means there will already be at the very least a full month between the upcoming manga-based case and the next one following it.

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