Fate/stay night: Fate Walkthrough

Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/stay night or anything contained within.

This is not the only way to get through, of course, but I picked a path that gives pretty much the most interesting and useful scenes. I will not be listing what all choices "don't matter," because, if you were going to pick every choice possible, why are you reading this anyway? If there is a choice that basically equates to do nothing and watch TV, I'm not going to have anyone make it who's just trying to get through.
Note that I do not exactly recommend using a walk-through for the Fate visual novel, since it's pretty easy to get through anyway (I compiled this originally from my notes I made for myself on all the different ways to cause different scenes to happen and reach all the Bad Ends), so only use this if you're still having trouble, you're trying to get the Good End to Unlimited Blade Works (yeah, I'll admit, that one is pretty complicated), or you're trying to get all the Tiger Dojos, which you should, because it unlocks a special scene if you do.
There is more than one (sometimes several) way to reach certain Tiger Dojos, but I listed the simplest ways to reach them, or, in a case of equal simplicity, the most interesting.
If you are going for 100% completion, I would recommend saving at each choice I have a (Note:) under that talks about a different choice, following the advice of the note, then reloading the save and picking the "correct" choice to continue your main save.

Note you must finish Fate before you can go through Unlimited Blade Works, and you must finish Unlimited Blade Works before you can go through Heaven's Feel (does not apply to [Realta Nua] for Windows, but it's still recommended).

(Note: If you're on the [Realta Nua] Windows port, the one where all 3 routes come separate, many of the choices in the first 3 days will not exist, that is they will already be chosen for you appropriate to the route)

Day 1
2. I'll go and finish my daily routine.
1. I'll go and help out the student council.
3. I'll rest.

Day 2
No choices

Day 3
2. Don't stop her.
(Note: Only appears if already cleared)
(Note: Never appears on Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows)
2. ...Fight
(Note: Choice 1 here "...Revoke the Command Spell." leads to Tiger Dojo 1)
2. Save Saber...!
(Note: Choice 1 here "Run away with Tohsaka." leads to Tiger Dojo 2)

Day 4
1. Ask about yesterday.
1. ...All right. Let's cooperate.
1. ...Where did you get those clothes?

Day 5
1. Go and meet Tohsaka as arranged.
1. About Lancer.

Day 6
1. Talk to Rider.
2. Don't fight.
(Note: Choice 1 here "Fight." leads to Tiger Dojo 3)

Day 7
1. Her reason for fighting. I want to know why she seeks the Holy Grail.

Day 8
1. I want to know about Saber before she became a Servant.
2. Go and visit the park.
1. Fuji-Nee, where's my gift?

Day 9
1. Go and get Tohsaka.
1. There's no need to stop...!
2. ...I can't match her.
(Note: Choice 1 here "Beat her before I get beaten...!" leads to Tiger Dojo 4)
1. Summon Saber...!
(Note: Choice 3 here "No, I can't use my Command Spell...!" leads to Tiger Dojo 5)

Day 10
2. I have to follow Saber...!
(Note: Choice 1 here "...Wait here and stand by." leads to Tiger Dojo 6)
2. Run to Saber.

Day 11
2. ...I can't do that.
(Note: Choice 1 here "...I'll have to nod for now." leads to Tiger Dojo 7)
2. ...I'm in no condition to fight. I'll sit in the chair and pretend I'm tied up.
1. I'm worried about Saber.
1. I'll provide backup with the bow...!
2. Don't use it!
(Note: Choice 1 here "...Is that the only option?" leads to Tiger Dojo 8)

Day 12
1. Protect Illya.
2. That's fine, but why are you exactly on time today?
1. Ask about the projection magic.

Day 13
2. Go out with Saber.
(Note: Choice 1 here "Let Saber take care of Caster and protect the other two here." leads to Tiger Dojo 9)
1. Believe in Tohsaka.
2. Don't do it, Saber...!
(Note: Choice 1 here "...That timing, she got it...!" leads to Tiger Dojo 10)

Day 14
1. Stand up.
(Note: Choice 2 here "Don't stand up." leads to Tiger Dojo 11)

Day 15
2. Go down the stairs.
(Note: Choice 1 here "Go back home." leads to Tiger Dojo 12)
1. ...Even so, Tohsaka.
3. ...Have a strategy meeting.
(Note: Choice 1 "Spend time with Saber." or Choice 2 "Go and report to Kiritsugu." here lead to Tiger Dojo 14.)
3. Give Saber back her sheath.

Tiger Dojo 13:

Day 4
Choice 1: 3. ...I have a bad feeling about this. I don't want to hear either.
Choice 3: 2. Is she all right?

Day 5
Choice 1: 2. Explain things to Sakura.
Choice 2: 2. About Archer.

Day 6
Choice 1: 2. ...Keep away from dangerous things.

Day 7
3. I want a secret attack. A super move would be great.

Day 8
2. I want to know about Saber before she became a Servant.
1. Go straight home.
2. ...She might really get me to make a pie. I'll stay away for a while.

Day 9
Choice 2: 2. I can't block it myself...!
Choice 4: 2. If I can get Saber to help me...!

Day 10
Choice 2: 1. Follow Shinji.

Day 11
Choice 2: 3. ...How about that bed?
Choice 3: 2. I'm worried about Tohsaka.
Choice 4: 2. ...What's the point?

Day 12
2. Entrust her to the church.
3. No way. We're fasting today.
2. Question number one.

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