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Fate/Extra Walkthrough: Prologue

A complete walkthrough for the Fate/Extra RPG for PlayStation Portable: Prologue 0.segment/L.the.L


Combatants Remaining: 999
1st Day

After the cutscene, go to 2F and head to your classroom, 2-A.

After class, go to the foyer in front of the stairs where there are 3 people gathered, and talk to the editor. Say yes.

Go to the right corridor of 1F to see an event with Sakura.

Go past the schoolyard to the archery range and talk to Taiga.

Then, "go home."

2nd Day

Go talk to the editor again. Say yes.

Go to the roof (keep going up the stairs from 3F) to speak to Rin.

Then, "go home."

3rd Day

Talk to the editor again.

Go down the right hall on 1F out to the garden and see "Kuzuki."

Then, "go home."

4th Day

Talk to the editor again.

Go down the right hall on 1F to see Shinji.

Go the the library (2F right hall). Check the bookshelf marked with "?"

Go to 1F and follow Leo to the left. Check the wall after he disappears.

After the event:

Choose your gender, your name and nickname, and your Servant. This should be obvious, but 1st is Saber, 2nd is Archer, 3rd is Caster. It double-confirms your choice, so relax.

Go to 1F left side again following Leo. Check the wall after he disappears. You definitely want to know.

Work your way through the tutorial area. Pay attention, you need this stuff to survive.

At the end of it, you get a fake boss fight. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, you story-lose either way (honestly, if you're going to just story-beat me anyway, then make it impossible to win from the start...). Refuse to give up when asked, twice.

Now, revenge time.

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