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Fate/Extra Walkthrough

A spoiler-free complete walkthrough/strategy guide for the original Fate/Extra RPG for the PlayStation Portable.

This is a spoiler-free walkthrough of Fate/Extra for the PlayStation Portable.

Please start using this walkthrough from the beginning. There are steps later in the game that only apply if you also followed the proper steps earlier on. If you start using this walkthrough in the middle, you may find that certain things do not play out as they should.

General Advice

For the complete experience, I would recommend that you go around and talk to all of the random NPCs every day—many of their dialogue changes at different points throughout the week. They often have interesting mini-story arcs for you to see if you stick with them. Of course, this is entirely optional. And this naturally gets quite a bit easier to do as you get further in the game.
For Saber and Archer, Strength is the most important stat, followed by Defense and Agility. A good rule of thumb is to put 2/3rds into Strength and 1/3rd into Defense, swapping out Defense for Agility every few levels.
For Caster, Magic is definitely her most critical stat. It's best to invest a little bit into Strength, focusing all of it early on when you can't rely on her magic yet. You should also put some points into Defense occasionally to improve your survivability.
Your Servant will have unique things to say if you talk to him/her in your Private Room after reaching certain milestones in gameplay—such as defeating a certain number of enemies, defeating 5 Nephilims, taking a certain amount of damage, etc. Some of these turn into pretty amusing conversations—some even give items—so check back from time to time.
If using Saber, if you use at least 100 items and then talk to her in your Private Room, you can upgrade her Artillery Applause to Thunderous Applause.
If using Caster, if you defeat at least 5 Nephilim enemies and then talk to her in your Private Room, you can upgrade her Mantra: Bestial Sky to Mantra: Merciful Sky.
Your Servant will typically have a unique-yet-unimportant conversation in your Private Room with each new week. After you've viewed it, the rest of your trips to your Private Room for that week will just be a short generic bit unless there is a critical story conversation or achievement dialogue available.
Don't worry about trying to unlock your Noble Phantasm. It will become available automatically at a certain point in the story.

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