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Fate/Extra Walkthrough: Week 3

A complete walkthrough for the Fate/Extra RPG for PlayStation Portable: Week 3.disillusionment/suspended animation

3.disillusionment/suspended animation

Combatants Remaining: 032
Day 1

Check the bulletin board.

If you have Archer, go to your Private Room for an important conversation. Pick the 2nd choice.

Talk to Rin on the Roof.

Go to 1F for an event.

Talk to Taiga to get a quest to find a magazine.

Go to the schoolyard and talk to the marked boy who wants a Cauldron.

Talk to Sakura in the Nurse's Office for your weekly item.

Enter Arena 1F.

Map 3–1 — Third Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Move forward for an event with Alice.

You're supposed to follow her, but there's really no hurry. Still, you might as well chase her, since you can always save your side stuff for the trip back.

Catch up with Alice right before the Trigger location and exit. She summons her "friend." Choose to run. You get Matrix Level 1.

You can't advance beyond Alice's "friend" for now. Just work your way back toward the entrance, collecting items from this mini-maze made out of hidden paths along the way.

Make sure you pick up the Cauldron from the southwest area.

Leave when you're done.

Day 2

Talk to Alice near the stairs on 2F.

Go to the Arena entrance to talk to Alice. Tell her to move her "friend."

Talk to Rin near the stairs on 1F.

Go to 3F and talk to Issei.

Talk to Rani at the end of the right hall.

Talk to Rin on 1F.

Go to the Commissary and check the item store to see the way-too-expensive Ruby. Exit the shop menu for a conversation and say there's no way you can afford it.

Talk to Sakura in the Nurse's Office.

Go to the Commissary cashier again to trade for the Ruby.

Talk to Rin on 1F and give her the Ruby.

Return to Rani on 3F.

Talk to the boy in the schoolyard to give him the Cauldron.

Enter Arena 1F.

Go back to Alice's "friend" on the north side. You can beat it now. It's pretty straightforward, just a stronger-than-average normal enemy.

Collect the 1st Trigger after it falls.

Leave when you're done.

Day 3

If you have Caster, go to your Private Room for an important conversation.

Talk to Rani on 3F.

Talk to Rin on the Roof.

Go to 1F for an event.

Enter Arena 2F.

Map 3–2 — Third Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

You only need to chase Alice; there are no enemies today.
[Note: If you are on a New Game +, do not use the Enhancement Spike for a speed increase. This event will not end if you keep constantly running faster than Alice.]

You corner her a few times at dead ends. After the third time when she gives up, you automatically leave the Arena.

Day 4

If you have Saber, go to your Private Room for an important conversation. Choose 2, then 3, then 1.

Go to the Garden in front of the Chapel for an event with Alice.

Go to the schoolyard for an event with Alice.

Talk to Rin on the Roof.

Talk to Taiga on 1F to give her manga and get the quest to get Crushed Ice./p>

Enter Arena 2F.

You just have to select your name. Feel free to pick the wrong one the first time (most people do, to the point where it's become a minor meme that even Nasu joyously partakes in) for your own amusement. There's no penalty for it. You get Matrix Level 2.

Advance through the dungeon normally. Make sure you get the Crushed Ice from the northwest and the 2nd Trigger near the exit.

Leave when you're done.

Day 5

Talk to Touko in the Chapel.

Go to the Library for an event with Alice.

Return to Touko in the Chapel.

You need to find a mirror. You can use the restrooms in the right hall of any floor. You can just do the boring thing and use one of your correct-gendered restrooms, or you can persistently try to enter an opposite-gendered restroom 3 times for an amusing scene.

Go to the Library and check the marked bookshelf. You get Matrix Level 3.

Enter Arena 2F and train until you're satisfied.

Day 6

There is a one-day-only limited-time item called Super-spicy Mabo Tofu available at the Commissary today. Not much point, but it's worth pointing out.

Talk to Taiga to give her Crushed Ice.

Go to the Arena Entrance for an event.

Enter Arena 2F and train until you're satisfied.

Day 7

Go to your Private Room and organize your information. You get Matrix Level E.

Equip the Exorcist Blade. Just do it.

When you've finished your preparations, talk to Kotomine on 1F.

Boss Strategy: Caster
Nursery Rhyme

Do this:
'H' means you use Hack and attack. I seriously doubt it will actually take all the way to the end of that for her to fall, but I included extra just in case. If you're using Caster and haven't put a single point into Strength, I suppose you can try spamming Skills instead if you really want. In either case...

Easiest. Boss. Ever.

After the battle, some events will happen in sequence.

You have to choose whether to side with Rin or Rani. This is kind of a big deal, so choose wisely.

In either case, you end up fighting Berserker. You only have to survive 1 round. You are given an option before the round begins whether or not to use a Command Seal. Know that it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in the long run whether you use it or not. It isn't even mentioned in dialogue. That having been said, I would personally recommend using it unless you just feel like messing around. Using it shows you all of Berserker's actions, making surviving a breeze. If for whatever reason you decide not to use it just for the fun of it, just know that Berserker always uses an attack Skill on the 6th turn and only on the 6th turn, so you can survive by spamming attack Skills for the first 5 turns and either using Hack or Guard for the 6th turn.

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