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Fate/Extra Walkthrough: Week 5

A complete walkthrough for the Fate/Extra RPG for PlayStation Portable: Week 5.un born/dead end

5.un born/dead end

Combatants Remaining: 008
Day 1

Check the bulletin board.

Talk to Rin again after the scene ends to get Sakura's weekly item.

Go to the Arena Entrance for an event.

Enter Arena 1F.

Move just a bit forward for an event. You get Matrix Level 1.

Day 2

Leave the classroom for an event.

Talk to Taiga on 1F to accept a quest to get a coin.

Talk to Sakura in the Nurse's Office to get your weekly item.

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Enter Arena 1F.

Map 5–1 — Fifth Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Move forward (avoid fights when you can, you're weakened greatly) until you reach an area near the center of the map for an event. Choose to run (fighting leads to a Dead End).

Day 3

An event happens. Go to the Nurse's Office. Go ahead. Peak inside. You know you want to.

Go to the Library for an event with Leo.

Go to 1F for an event. You get Matrix Level 2.

If you have Caster, go to your Private Room for an important conversation. This conversation is given low priority by the game, so if you have some achievement-oriented conversations in the queue, you may have to talk to her repeatedly before it will appear, but it should be obvious when it does by the way some important information randomly gets thrown in, there is talk about dramatic explosions having to do with Saber and Archer, and you get Player Matrix Level 2.

Enter Arena 1F.

You meet Julius in the southern area just a bit past the place where you met him yesterday and have to fight. Note Assassin will only attack on the 4th turn, and the attack on that turn can only be canceled by using an attack Skill yourself.

Explore the rest of the dungeon for real now. Make sure you get the Babylonian Coin just past where you fought Julius and the 1st Trigger near the exit. Also grab the Staff of Fortitude past the Coin and nestled right behind a Nephilim, as it's one of the very few and very rare things in the game that can heal your Servant's MP.

Leave when you're done.

Day 4

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Talk to Taiga on 1F to give her the Babylonian Coin and accept a quest to get a Lobster.

Enter Arena 2F.

Map 5–2 — Fifth Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

Place the 3 traps in the places you're instructed to. You can't enter the northern half of the dungeon today.

Leave when you're done.

Day 5

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Stop by the Library and check the marked shelf for a Leo conversation.

Enter Arena 2F.

Go to the locations where you placed the 3 traps. After an event at the 3rd trap, you have a fight with Julius. You get Matrix Level 3.

You can explore the rest of the dungeon now. Make sure you get the Spiny Lobster from the north side of the large central room and the 2nd Trigger east of the exit.

Leave when you're done.

Day 6

If you want to read more about Assassin, go to the Library and check the marked bookshelf.

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Go to 1F and talk to Rin.

Talk to Taiga to give her the Spiny Lobster.

Enter Arena 2F and train until you're satisfied.

After an event with your Servant, with Saber or Archer you get Player Matrix Level 2, and with Caster you get Player Matrix Level 3.

Day 7

Go to your Private Room and organize your information to get Matrix Level E.

You now have access to your Servant's Noble Phantasm for the first time. All three of them have restrictions on their use. For Saber, it becomes available from the 4th round. For Archer, you have to bring your Projection level up past level 5 to a new imaginary flashy level. For Caster, it becomes available after using 9 Skills.

When you're finished preparing, talk to Kotomine on 1F.

Although I normally leave this part alone as it's totally a personal preference thing, in this case for the pre-battle dialog, I would recommend choosing 1, then 3, then 2, then 1, then either.

Boss Strategy: Assassin
Li Shuwen

Assassin always uses his buff Focused Chi for his first turn. This buff is a prerequisite for his Noble Phantasm, so, if you can prevent him from using it (by, for example, using Hack), you can prevent his Noble Phantasm. If he does get a chance to use it, he always uses his Noble Phantasm on the 2nd turn. It always takes 90% of your current HP if you let it hit you, so don't bother wasting a heal right before he hits you with it, because it can't actually kill you no matter what anyway. Note the only buff you need to stop is actually one that is IMMEDIATELY before the Noble Phantasm, so if you can see the action for the 2nd turn already and see that it is definitely not EXTRA, you can safely ignore the buff Skill in the 1st turn entirely. Other than that, there's nothing too fancy about him. He has no offensive skills, so the only attacks he has that are capable of finishing you off are his basic attacks.

After the battle, there will be a scene in your Private Room with your Servant. If you have Saber or Archer, you get Player Matrix Level 3. If you have Caster, there are choices involved. Pick choice 1.

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