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Fate/Extra Walkthrough: Week 6

A complete walkthrough for the Fate/Extra RPG for PlayStation Portable: Week 6.maturity/final flowering

6.maturity/final flowering

Combatants Remaining: 004
Day 1

Check the Bulletin Board.

Talk to the boy in front of the Library.

Head to the stairs and talk with Rani/Rin.

Talk to Kotomine on 1F.

Talk to Taiga to receive a quest to get a magazine.

Talk to Sakura in the Nurse's Office.

Talk to the girl next to the fountain in front of the Chapel.

Check the fountain.

Go to 3F and talk to the marked girl.

Sword of Repentance is now available in the Commissary. I would highly recommend you buy it. It's more or less an upgraded version of Exorcist Blade that seals all enemy actions instead of just Skills.

[Note: From here on, enemies can be very hard to predict, especially the first time you fight them. I would recommend you start equipping Shockwave-2nd Strike and Sword of Repentance to get around this. With Shockwave, you can press X to make your Servant take a preemptive strike against an enemy in the Arena before you enter battle with them, which causes them to be stunned for their first 2 turns. The Code that Sword of Repentance gives you, Shock, is effectively another stun on a 3rd turn of your choice. That gives you at least 3 turns in the first round against an enemy where you can fight them easily.]

Enter Arena 1F.

Map 6–1 — Sixth Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Move forward through the dungeon, making sure to pick up the Student Council Badge on the way (2nd right then 1st left).

When you reach a barrier, there is an event. You can't advance any farther today, so backtrack and explore the rest of the available areas.

Leave when you're done.

Day 2

If you have Saber, go to your Private Room for an important conversation. Choose 3, then 1.

If you have Archer and are playing a female character, go to your Private Room for an important conversation.

Talk to the girl on 3F to give her the Student Council Badge and receive the Comic Book.

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Talk to Sakura in the Nurse's Office to get your weekly item.

Go to 2F and talk to the marked boy.

Go to the Library and talk to Leo.

Go to 1F for an event.

Enter Arena 1F.

You can pass the barrier. Explore the rest of the dungeon and be sure to pick up the 1st Trigger in the northwest.

[Note: You can find an item called Shockwave-3rd Strike near the exit. This is actually tactically weaker than 2nd Strike, so don't switch to it if you have been using 2nd Strike.]

Leave when you're done.

Day 3

You get Matrix Level 1 after an automatic event.

Go to the Commissary for an event with Rin/Rani.

Go to class 2-A for another event.

If you have Archer or Caster, go to your Private Room for an important conversation. For Caster, choose 1, and, if you've defeated all of the available Nephilim so far, that makes 5, so exit and reenter afterwards for another conversation with a Skill upgrade (if you haven't, no worries, there are plenty more). Archer has no choices.

Talk to Rin(Roof)/Rani(3F).

Enter Arena 1F and train until you're satisfied.

Day 4

Talk to Taiga on 1F to give her Comic Book and receive a quest to get 2 food data.

Enter Arena 2F.

Map 6–2 — Sixth Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

Move through the dungeon normally until you reach a barrier halfway through the map.

Activate the switch to open the barrier when ready. You will have to fight the Servant's Effigy. This works the same as a normal Servant battle. You get Matrix Level 2. You can't continue past this point today, so backtrack for now.

Leave when you're done.

Day 5

Go to the Nurse's Office for an event with Rin/Rani.

Enter Arena 2F.

Return in the direction of where you faced the Effigy yesterday, and fight it again. This time, kill it rather than the normal surviving for 3 turns. It's pretty weak now.

After the battle, go to where you couldn't get past yesterday and keep moving perfectly straight forward past it to enter a hidden passage. Fight Moby Dick. This enemy isn't hard, but it has a lot of HP.

Explore the rest of the dungeon normally. Make sure you grab the 2nd Trigger right before the exit, Kofta Kebab from the room in the middle of the large rectangular hall, and Spring Roll from the southeast.

Leave when you're done.

Day 6

You get Matrix Level 3 after an automatic event.

Talk to Rani(3F)/Rin(Roof).

Talk to Taiga on 1F to give her the Spring Roll and Kofta Kebab.

Enter Arena 2F and train until you're satisfied.

Day 7

Go to your Private Room and organize your information to get Matrix Level E.

When you're finished preparing, talk to Kotomine on 1F.

Boss Strategy: Berserker
Lu Bu

Berserker and his Master love to buff like crazy, so you might want to consider equipping Maleficent Garments to use the Vanish Add Code to remove them. One buff in particular, which he uses any time he falls below 20% HP, will revive him if he's killed, so definitely be ready to either remove or prevent him from using that one entirely. Bring plenty of recovery items and try to keep your HP high, because he has crazy high attack. Before the round when he uses his Noble Phantasm, his Master will say "God Force" again during her line (she says it once in a different line before the first round, which doesn't count). On that round, he will use his Noble Phantasm on the 3rd turn and Wait on all the rest. His Noble Phantasm will pretty much instant kill you if not defended against, so keep that in mind. Luckily, he spends a lot of his turns on Wait.

Boss Strategy: Lancer
Cu Chulainn

Any time you see an enemy Code Cast attached to a turn, Lancer will use an attack Skill on that same turn. You should probably use Shock to stop this, as all but the first time his attack also causes Paralysis. His Noble Phantasm does random damage and is normally unguardable (can be an instant kill if you're unlucky). Try to kill him before he uses it, or hope you get lucky. Or find another way besides Guard to defend against it, you know. If he falls below 20% HP, he will use Shoal of Extremities, which greatly buffs his attack and defense for the rest of the fight and automatically revives him once when killed. Try not to let him do this, have debuffs ready, or just finish him from 20% to 0 in a single round with all your might.

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